Kitkat Chunky Hazelnut (Choose a Chunky Champion)

Here we have my last Nestle product review for this week, and this time it's for the Hazelnut Kitkat Chunky from Choose a Chunky Champion. I've always thought Nestle should make a hazelnut Kitkat and I'm surprised they haven't tried this before. I guess if you count Kitkat Senses, then they have done this before. But Senses were rubbishy, smaller, inferior versions of Kinder Bueno specifically marketed to appeal to women.

No, I've always wanted an actual Kitkat Chunky with Hazelnut in. So far I haven't been able to find the imported "green wrapper" Kitkat Chunky Hazelnut Cream as reviewed here by Grocery Gems, so I was excited that Nestle UK were bringing out their own version.

Unfortunately it's a bit disappointing. On opening the wrapper, it smelled very nice; hazelnutty and creamy. The filling is a creamed hazelnut paste that is nestled (heh heh) on top of the wafer, as shown here:
The problem is that this Kitkat tasted too sweet and not hazelnutty enough. I wasn't expecting it to be as delicious as Nutella, but I was hoping for a richer hazelnut taste. Overall it was pleasant, but just a bit too sweet and not as good as it should have been. I won't be disappointed if this doesn't win the Chunky Champion, and I doubt it will anyway. I reckon Coconut or Mint will take that honor.

I found this on offer with the other Chunky Champion varieties (Coconut, Choc Fudge and previously reviewed Mint) at 2 for £1 in my local Premier store.

Have you tried these new Kitkat flavours yet? If so which was your favorite?


  1. Thank you for the mention!

    I agree with you about the hazelnut flavour. I think I was expecting a chocolate and hazelnut flavour, similar to Nutella, rather than this creamy hazelnut. I expect most people will feel the same so I also doubt it will win.

    I'm thinking of doing a comparison review of the green wrapper hazelnut cream and this new one...

    1. Your welcome :) I finally found the green wrapper Chunky today, in Poundland of all places!

    2. Awesome, so pleased you've found one! I don't think I've ever seen them in Poundland :)

  2. I love the Hazelnut Cream chunky and these are everywhere near where I live...none of these new ones though but from the sounds of it I am not missing out on much. It seems weird that they would release the green wrapped one and this one too, doesn't make sense to me, especially with this one appearing to be the inferior of the 2!

    1. Yeah it's a bit odd. I did contact Nestle a while ago and they said the green wrapper Chunky had nothing to do with them and was being imported. It'll be funny if sales of the green one go through the roof yet no one is interested in the UK one!

  3. The hazelnut one was my favourite, but unfortunately the mint won. (I hate mint, haha!) I was quite happy with the flavour. Another great bar of chocolate with hazelnut is Lindt's – looks and tastes so so good:


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