Nestlé Joe Hazelnut Wafers

Since watching Choc It Out's 10 Foreign Chocolate Bars 002 video I've been on the lookout for Nestle Joe wafers. So far I've seen a white chocolate variety which I didn't really fancy, and these hazelnut ones which sounded a bit more appealing. Unfortunately they're not actually coated in chocolate, they're just plain little wafer bites with a chocolate hazelnut cream filling.

Each wafer piece is about the size of the bitesize "Bitsa Wispa", for comparison. They taste as you would expect - crunchy, hazelnutty and mildly chocolatey. They're very moreish and good with a cup of coffee. Because of their size it's very easy to get through half of the bag without realizing it! I paid 39p for a 200g bag in B&M Bargains, which I'm sure everyone will agree is a fantastic offer.

Overall, I would recommend these if you see them, they're a nice little snack. They remind me of Kitkat Kubes from years ago. Anyone else remember those?


  1. Nice one Kev! I certainly do remember Kit Kat Kubes, they were really nice. I especially liked the cappuccino version.

    As for these Joe Hazelnut wafers, I've managed to track them down at last (although not at your great price!). They are nice but a chocolate coating would have made them better. I find that generally, Joe bars are not covered in thick enough choc - they need to address that!

    1. Yeah the cappucino Kubes were great weren't they? I think they also did mint and orange varieties too?

      Btw I've heard there's rum flavoured Joe wafers knocking about, definitely one to keep an eye out for!

  2. Oh - and thanks for mentioning the 10 Foreign Chocolate Bars 002 vid!!!

  3. 39p is an absolute bargain! I have only seen these bags in the 99p Store. I did find the standard Joe bars quite plain and I'm not much of a fan of wafer anyway. These bite sized ones do look very cute though and I bet they tasted really good with a cup of coffee!

    1. These were probably so cheap because they were close to sell by date, as a lot of B&M stuff is. Have you seen any other flavours in 99p stores? I visited a 99p store recently, and loved it haha. They had a lot of european brands there.


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