Marks and Spencer Milk Chocolate with Caramelised Macadamia Nuts

Whilst perusing Marks and Spencers chocolate aisle recently I spied this bar of Milk Chocolate with Caramelised Macadamia Nuts reduced to £1, so could hardly resist giving it a try. It's described on the box as "Extra fine milk chocolate with a touch of ground hazelnuts sprinkled with caramelised macadamias" and contains 35% cocoa solids and 12% macadamia nuts.

Opening the wrapper I was met with a creamy, nutty aroma. It smelled amazing!

It tasted amazing too. Creamy, smooth, and with just the right balance of rich cocoa and milky sweetness. The chocolate melted in the mouth very easily and the macadamias tasted crunchy, fresh and were very moreish. I soon managed to scoff most of the bar along with a cup of coffee (in my defense, it was a thin bar of chocolate!)

I'm not sure why these bars were reduced in price but I hope they aren't being discontinued (as the white chocolate Creme Brulee bar reviewed here by The Snack Review seems to have been). Just incase, I will be going back to M&S soon to stock up on a few bars while I still can.

Incidentally, I must also mention that this is very similar to the Swiss Frey Macadmia bar from a few years ago, and is also made in Switzerland. Hmmm....

Overall, a delicious bar of chocolate, which you should snap up while you still can!


  1. I wouldn't be surprised if The Creme Brulee bar has gone completely- what a horrendous product that was.

    This looks and sounds much nicer- interestingly, the design on each individual piece seems to be identical to the 100g Frey bars I've tried in the past. Spooky.

    And tar very much for the name drop too!

    1. Agreed on the creme brulee bar, I tried one last year after it'd been reduced and it was just awful!

      Speaking of Frey, the M&S Bubbly Mountain bar is very reminiscent of a certain Chocobloc Air..

  2. Hmmm, i'm sure Poirot would have a field day with this.

    I keep eating the evidence though which isn't helping my investigations...

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