Tango Strawberry & Watermelon Sugar Free

Tango strawberry watermelon

Tango has had a bit of a rebrand recently, and added two new sugar free varieties to its range: Tropical and Strawberry and Watermelon, which is today's review. People have been talking a lot about it over on Instagram - it seems that adding watermelon to drinks increases excitement levels by at least 50%! ;) Maybe melon will be the new Unicorn Trend, which might not be such a bad thing...

tango strawberry watermelon sugar free

I bought this 600ml bottle from Poundland from the chiller section. There's also a can version there (along with Tropical, Cherry and Orange flavours) on the three for £1 deal, plus most supermarkets now sell multipacks of cans and large bottles.

I used my fancy Root 7 glass to drink it from - let's take a moment to appreciate just how cool this glass is! (I've lost count of how many times people ask me about it on Instagram).

tango strawberry watermelon sugar free

Being a sugar free drink this of course contains artificial sweeteners, which are acesulfame k and sucralose. Not the best things in the world - I do wish companies would use stevia or erythritol instead as at least they're more natural, but I guess the masses aren't  ready. The ingredients also list 4% watermelon juice and 1% strawberry juice from concentrate, so at least some of the flavours are authentic.

This is a pleasant enough drink, it's very sweet and refreshing and tastes of the flavours it's supposed to but...the sweeteners ruin it for me. Now maybe I'm just more sensitive than most folks but I can always taste them strongly and I really don't like 'em - they make what could be a nice natural tasting drink into something artificially sweet. Honestly, using a dash of real sugar would be preferable (or even lots of it aka Fanta Fruit Punch!). But then I guess these wouldn't be "diet" drinks anymore. Ho hum.

Overall, not a bad flavour if you like sugar free artificially sweetened drinks. I don't, so won't be buying this again - I'd rather stick with the full sugar or natural fruit sugar sweetened drinks.



  1. Thanks for sharing Kev, I was interested to read about this sugar free drink as I’m cutting sugar from my diet. It’s a bit of a shame about the taste of the artificial sweeteners, I prefer natural sweeteners too! I love your trendy glass by the way. I would be keen to see you try out other sugar free drinks. :-)

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Yeah, I guess it depends on your personal take on sweeteners. I used to have loads of sugar free pop when I was dieting but over time I got tired of the taste. I'll definitely try a few more sugar free drinks...there's a new Ribena one that sounds good! Love your blog by the way :)

  2. It's propa bum yo. Next level pukka.


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