Brothers Parma Violet Cider Review

Brothers Parma Violet Cider

Alcohol isn't something I often feature on the blog, as I'm not a big drinker really but when I was offered some samples of this new Brothers Cider Parma Violet flavour I couldn't refuse! Whilst it might sound rather...weird...I'm a sucker for novelty and this really piqued my interest. I never much cared for Parma Violet sweets as a kid, but combined with sweet, refreshing cider? It might just work. I certainly wasn't expecting a huge crate of it to be delivered to my door - thanks so much Brothers!

Brothers Parma Violet Cider

This cider is available from B&M stores, although I haven't spotted it there yet myself, and apparently it sold out really fast due to its popularity when B&M got it in. I've been informed by Brothers that it should be back in stock in the next week and also that they'll be selling it on their online store.

Brothers Parma Violet Cider

I chilled the cider and drank it from one of my fancy Root 7 Geo Glasses (which have now appeared on Great British Menu!) The cider is gluten free and suitable for vegans, and contains parma violet flavouring. It's 4% volume and contains sulphites.

There's a vague aroma of flowery parma violet on sniffing it. Taking a swig, it's very fruity, tasting very sweet and like any cider should...of apple. And there's a gentle, subtle parma violet taste that permeates it. It's not too strong and I think this is a blessing, because it could easily overpower it otherwise. It's a lovely drink, sweet and refreshing and different enough to stand out from a regular cider. I think this will go down well over the Summer months, and it's made me want to check out the other flavours from Brothers range such as Rhubarb and Custard and Strawberries and Cream.

Overall, a great novelty drink that fans of flavoured cider will surely love (and ideal after a stressful day, I might add!) I hope they continue to do more interesting flavours like this...a fruit salad version would be very welcome.



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