Marmite Peanut Butter Review

These days it seems you can now get marmite in almost anything you wish, and the latest concoction dreamt up by the snack gods seems to be this marriage of marmite and peanut butter. A match made in heaven or just an abomination? Your love or hate of the yeast spread will no doubt be the deciding factor in that...

These are available on Ocado as well as in Sainsbury’s stores, which is where I bought this from for £2.50. I don’t usually buy peanut butter but on this occasion was very curious....

It’s suitable for vegans which is one of the big marketing points for it - yeast extract  is a common vegan flavouring used in everything from crisps to cheeses, as it gives that umami flavour that some say is meaty. But how does that work in peanut butter?

Well it’s very strong and salty! Definitely not as bad as you might imagine - the salty flavours work well with the already savoury peanuts, but make no mistake this is no “sweet” peanut butter, so if you like it salty and savoury this is one for you. I didn’t dislike it at all but I couldn’t eat too much. I imagine it’s a great little topping for toast if you’re one of those who likes marmite on toast. All in all pretty tasty, but I’m not sure it’s a product the world truly needed.

Overall then, this gets a cautious thumbs up. Do let me know if you’ve tried it in the comments!


  1. I have all ways, all ways loved marmite great taste, and for the first time I am having a marmite peanut butter sandwich, I love marmite and I like peanut butter but was not shure about combining them ,
    But after the first bite I was hooked, neither one cancelled out the other taste it's a perfect combination of the two, we only got the small jar ,just to try but come tomorrow, Monday I shall be at asda to get the bigger jar,
    Thank you ,keep up the good work ,hope you come up with more combination, wonderfull.

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