Flying Tiger Only For Royalties Easter Eggs

If you've ever been to a Flying Tiger store you'll know they're chock full of cool items, from gifts to quirky homeware and more importantly for! They're a Danish company with stores in over 30 countries - to find your nearest one you can check out their website for a store locator. If you've ever been to one please do let me know in the comments!

These "Only for Royalties Eggs" were kindly sent to me to review and are available in stores now for £3, they're quirky chocolate hollow eggs themed after Royalty - so perfect for couples! There's a lot of hollow Easter Eggs out there with varying quality, but these seem pretty decent in comparison to some - the chocolate is creamy and melts nicely. Presumably Danish chocolate is a step up from our British stuff! There's no vegetable fat in the ingredients, but please be aware they're made in a factory with wheat and nuts if that's an issue for you. The coloured decoration is made with all natural ingredients.

All in all, pretty fun and quirky Easter eggs...go check them out at Flying Tiger if these are your kind of thing!


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