Cadbury Dairy Milk Top Deck Review

Dairy milk top deck

I've had quite a few interesting snacks from A Taste Of The States now, and recently they have started stocking more Australian varieties. The Cadbury Dream we all know and miss was sadly out of stock so I went for a Cadbury Top Deck instead - you know, those bars we used to get in the UK many moons ago? It's a simple combination of a base layer of Dairy Milk and a top layer of Cadbury Dream white chocolate. This may sound pretty standard but it turns out it's a winner!

Cadbury Dairy Milk top deck

The Dairy Milk layer tastes pretty familiar, although I maintain that Australian Dairy Milk is a little better quality than our UK version. It seems creamier and less waxy. The upper layer of Dream is pretty sweet and creamy and like Dream used to be, and perhaps it's better mixed with Dairy Milk so you get a mix of sweet creaminess and cocoa mingled together. This is a great bar and super moreish.

Dairy milk top deck

Overall, not much to say other than that this is a fantastic bar that they should never have stopped making in the UK! Speaking of which they should never have stopped making Dream either, but it looks like things aren't likely to change any time soon. If you miss the Top Deck or Cadbury Dream of yore you certainly can't go wrong with a bar of this!

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