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My apologies to Degustabox for being so late doing a full review of their boxes lately. They've sent me a few so far which I mentioned on Instagram but haven't found the time to do a full review of. The February box I've already mentioned so I'll skip to the March box which was quite interesting, with a nice mix of both healthy and naughty snacks and some drinks and even a beer for good measure.

If you haven't heard of them before Degustabox are a surprise box delivered each month on a subscription basis - although you can opt out at any point. The products included work out as being cheaper than what you'd pay in shops, and they showcase small producers, unique products and brands you may not have had a chance to try before, which I think is a nice idea. To check them out see their website:

This months box was an interesting mix...from Chum Fruit Bites which I'd never heard of before, and the packaging is amusing with the sinister looking animals. The company donates some of their profits from packs sold to help endangered species. They're endangered so that's why the animals look mad, perhaps? (Give them your money now or else!) The bites are triangular and look rather cool, and are pretty tasty (in an all natural way). They reminded me of fruit leathers.

The coffee...I hope I've made my thoughts on Costa coffee clear by now but their regular coffee is just not the best. I'm a Caffe Nero man and always will be. Needless to say, this stuff wasn't for me and I only ended up using it after running out of Dolce Gusto pods. (Dolce Gusto isn't the best quality around but it's still preferable and more convenient).

The Willie's Cacao 100% Bar I've tried before, and it's a pretty intense chocolate, but fantastic quality. If you're a purist this is for you!

The Chocolate Orange Popping Candy is pretty good, and weirdly is in a smaller bag than usual, I'm not sure why. Interesting to note that it's no longer made by Cadbury/Mondelez but a French company called Caramber. I do wish they'd take the vegetable fat out of it.

The Green and Blacks truffle bars are pretty tasty and remind me a bit of Cote Dor Truffle bars. Wouldn’t surprise me if they’re the same since Mondelez own both brands. They were a nice surprise. The Forest Feast Bites were pretty good too - one is mango pieces and the other is chocolate coated tropical pieces like coconut and mango, and those ones are super delicious. The other items are Jubel Peach Beer, Muscle Moose (which doesn't contain aspartame) energy drink, Weetabix breakfast shake, a Kind Bar (I love their bars!), some relish, and a Red Red black bean instant stew pot (add hot water). I haven’t tried the latter few yet but the stew pot looks pretty handy!

All in all, this is a pretty good box that I'm happy I received. Not every product may be to everyone's tastes of course, and I'm quite fussy when it comes to my food I will happily admit, but if you enjoy random boxes of surprise foods this one is worth checking out!

For more see Degustabox’s website:


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