Nestle Aero Bliss Salted Caramel

This week, Nestle launched another new product to the confectionery world under the Aero brand. It's something I had always thought they should do - a fancier version of Aero - and comes in a similar style box to Nestle Kitkat Senses. There's three varieties in the range; Milk Chocolate, Mixed and Salted Caramel selections. Nestle kindly sent me all three to review, and I'm supposed to hashtag them with #blissmoment...but do they deliver said moments of bliss?

Well, I ate the whole pack in one go so that's probably a good sign! And I'm not alone in that which makes me feel a little less guilty. The pack opens in rather a cool way (you may have seen my mini video on Instagram) and kind of becomes a cardboard bowl...but in reality, let's be honest you're gonna eat the lot!

The chocolates are described as "Velvety whipped bubbles wrapped in delicious milk chocolate" and "smooth milk chocolate filled with a salted caramel aerated whipped centre (40%)". The description doesn't mention the salted caramel pieces it also contains, which are listed in the ingredients.

First thing to note is how it says smooth milk chocolate, suggesting the recipe is different in these compared to regular Nestle chocolate. I can confirm that it does taste different and is smoother and creamier. The second thing to note is the aerated whipped centre...I'm not sure what that means exactly, as there's no visible bubbles in the filling, but it does taste like a lighter version of a praline centre, I suppose.

I do like the shape of these chocolates, they're pretty much like bubbles to fit the Aero theme, and have a slight curve in the middle. I cut one in half to give a cross section of the filling - you can just about see the crunchy caramel pieces in there:

Nestle Aero Bliss Salted caramel

They taste pretty good! As mentioned the chocolate is smoother than usual, the filling is a buttery caramel flavoured truffle like mixture with the caramel pieces giving bursts of salty sweetness. The salt part was noticeable and actually blended very well with the centre, which tastes quite buttery. I found these very moreish actually, and admittedly ended up eating the whole box. Nom nom!

Overall, these aren't super posh chocolates like Lindor or Ferrero Rocher, but I don't think they're pretending to be - they're a step up though and add variety to the Aero brand. They're £3 a box in Asda currently which I think is pretty reasonable for what they are. They're being positioned next to KitKat Senses which is of course a similar product.

If you try these, do let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Contains milk, may contain tree nuts and gluten.
Nutrition (per 3 pieces): 132 Calories, 7.4g Fat, 14.3g Carbohydrates, 14.2g Sugars, 1.8g Protein.



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