Waitrose copying Hotel Chocolat bars?! (#slabgate)

waitrose eton mess chocolate

There's been a bit of a barney recently between luxury Chocolatier Hotel Chocolat and Waitrose - Waitrose have launched a new range of chocolate slabs with a similar design to Hotel Chocolat's selector range. Hotel Chocolat aren't happy about this at all, and offered customers an exchange of the Waitrose slabs for one of their Selector bars for free over the weekend. They've even gone as far as demanding Waitrose removes their bars from sale and destroys them! Wow...get that promo HC! ;)

The new range includes the Eton Mess White chocolate bar shown above, as well as...

waitrose espresso swirl chocolate

This Espresso Swirl bar, containing a mix of milk and dark chocolate with coffee bean pieces.

waitrose totally chocolate slab

There's also this Totally Chocolate variety, with a mix of milk, white and dark chocolate plus chocolate buttons.

waitrose gentle ginger
There's also this Gentle Ginger bar, with dark chocolate and ginger pieces. Unfortunately it isn't dairy free, sorry vegans :(

waitrose caramel crunch

Similar to one of Hotel Chocolat's top sellers, there's this Caramel crunch bar featuring caramel pieces and caramel milk chocolate buttons. There's also an Orange Chocolate bar in the range. The bars are currently on offer for £2 but usually cost £2.50.

As well as the above bars, Waitrose are doing a new range of boxed chocolates...

waitrose Salted Caramel Big Chocolate Buttons

There's Salted Caramel Big Chocolate Buttons, which are caramel-filled chocolate buttons similar to Cadbury Caramel Nibbles...

waitrose fruity crispy chocolate clusters

Plus some Fruity, Crispy chocolate clusters...

waitrose Dark Chocolate Raspberry Mallows

And Dark Chocolate Raspberry Mallows...

waitrose Milk Chocolate Smothered Fudge

Milk Chocolate Smothered Fudge...

waitrose Stem Ginger Fudge

Stem Ginger Crumbly Fudge...

waitrose Milk Chocolate Smothered Honeycomb

And lastly, Milk Chocolate Smothered Honeycomb.

What do you think folks? Are Waitrose copying? Are curvy shaped chocolates unique to Hotel Chocolat? And most importantly...do you prefer paying less for the Waitrose slabs or paying more at Hotel Chocolat? 


  1. The caramel crunch bar was delicious! Really similar to one which Lidl does as well!

  2. I think it is off brand for Waitrose to do something like this personally. It's part of the Lidl/Aldi experience to chuckle at their versions of popular bars but it just seems tacky for waitrose, who im sure could market their own fancy chocolate and people would buy it anyway cos it's Waitrose and people already trust the brand.


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