M&S Caramel & Popcorn and Gin & Tonic Sauces! (Spotted In Shops)

marks and spencer caramel and toasted popcorn sauce

Another quick Spotted In Shops today as a heads up: M&S are NOW DOING CARAMEL AND TOASTED POPCORN SAUCE! Described as "A sweet, buttery and indulgent sauce made with BRITISH condensed milk, cream and butter" - how great does it sound?! Price is £2.

They're also doing a Lemon, Gin and Tonic sauce described as "A tart and tangy sauce full of classic, punchy flavour and made with 4% gin". Cheers to that! Price: £2.

In other innovations they're also doing Rhubarb and Custard Curd, made specifically with BRITISH rhubarb juice. Hmm I'm sensing a patriotic theme here!

They're also doing Rhubarb, Raspberry and Rose Conserve, made with ENGLISH rhubarb and SCOTTISH raspberries, with a hint of rose. I'm not sure I fancy rose in my jam, personally!

Something a bit more traditional with a twist, it's Blackberry Bramble and Gin Conserve made with British blackberries and London dry gin.

They're also doing 50% lower fat Skinny mousses in a Strawberry flavour...

As well as this vegetarian friendly Chocolate Skinny Mousse.

Something possibly fit for celebrating the Royal Wedding, they've launched this Strawberries and Cream Walled Cheesecake. Yum!

Plus Strawberries and Cream Drizzle Cookies. Very Summery!

They're also doing some interesting new crisp flavours, such as these BBQ Sausage and Smokehouse Ketchup hand cooked crisps...

As well as Tikka Masala crisps...

Plus Roast Beef and Blacksticks Blue Cheese Hand Cooked Crisps...

British Pork Hog Roast and Apple Hand Cooked Crisps...

There's also these new Welsh Rarebit Style Cheesy Toasts, which are crunchy bread bites with west country cheddar and worcester sauce.

Plus Suffolk Ale and Chutney Bloomer Bites...what is it with M&S and beer flavoured snacks!

There's also this unique melting cheese, in Red Leicester and Smokehouse Ketchup and Regular flavours. It's been matured for 18 months and melts perfectly in a grilled cheese sandwich.

Last but not least, some new British teas from M&S, in Mint and Strawberry...

Plus English Lavender Earl Grey. Now that's a bit different!

Well, that's all for this M&S Edition of Spotted In Shops...if you've tried any of these new treats do let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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