Pretzel Flipz are back! (UK)

pretzel flipz uk

Another heads up today for anyone who is a fan of Pretzel Flipz, the tasty chocolate coated Pretzels that were originally launched by Nestle - they're officially back!

Pretzel Flipz dark chocolate

Available in both Dark Chocolate...

milk chocolate Pretzel Flipz

And milk chocolate varieties, sadly there is no sign of the much-loved white fudge coated variety. Boo! Available from Asda stores now for £1, this time made by McVitie's.

Are you a fan of Pretzel Flipz? Would you like to see the white version brought back too? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Loved these when they originally came out in the 90s. Bought some of these Friday, and of course ate the whole bag. i think they are better than the US ones as the chocolate is less 'candy' - altho interesting these contact Glucose fructose syrup and the US do not (according to what i looked up anyway).

    £1 is dangerous! (esp as i now live near an asda...)

  2. I loved these and was so gutted when they disappeared from shops! So pleased they are back! Already been tucking in!

  3. When did they disappear this time? All I remember was limited edition choc covered pretzels in 1998 when I was 18 then they disappeared aka limited edition, i hv pined for them till, wait for it da da daaaaa..i went in asda which is not near me and there they were, wow! So now im wondering if I've been walking around in a haze for 20 years lol ūüėā I'm basing my whole existence on these little choc covered delicious thing so the stakes are high. Anyone no the history? Why do they keep disappearing? ūü§£ but seriously l wanna know?

    1. Haha! Like you I also remember them from the 90' was the white ones I loved most. They've been available in America since then and you can get some imported American varieties, there's flavours like mint etc.

  4. must have the white fudge and birthday cake versions over here. They are so expensive on Amazon!!


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