Co Op Rainbow Unicones & Cherry Bakewell Ice Cream! (Spotted In Shops)

co op rainbow uni-cones

Today's Spotted In Shops post is a bit late, but a heads up to anyone with a Co Op nearby...they are now selling Unicorn themed ice creams called...Rainbow Uni-Cones! Yep, they've jumped on the magical unicorn highway and have created these Ice Creams complete with vanilla and raspberry ice cream, sprinkles and bizarrely, black waffle cones. Maybe to highlight the filling? Who knows!

co op double chocolate waffle cones

Going further to the Dark Side, they've also created these "Twice as Ice!" Double Chocolate Waffle Cones. I can't say they appeal to me, as much as like all things chocolatey.

co op pineapple lollies

In fruitier ice creams, they're also doing these cool-looking Pineapple Lollies. Sounds tasty!

co op cherry bakewell ice cream

They're also doing this lovely sounding Cherry Bakewell Ice Cream, complete with almond flavour ice cream, cherry sauce and digestive biscuit. Yum!

co op Coconut & Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream

Plus a Coconut & Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream, complete with butter enriched coconut biscuit and a truffle centre.

co op British Strawberry & Clotted Cream ice cream

As well as this lovely British Strawberry & Clotted Cream Ice Cream, rippled with strawberry compote and hidden pieces of scone!

co op peach bellini popsicles

In alcoholic treats, they're doing Peach Bellini Ice Popsicles. Not for anyone under 18 as they contain real alcohol! Suitable for vegetarians.

co op handcooked gourmet burger crisps

They're also doing these special limited edition, hand cooked Gourmet Burger Crinkle Cut Crisps. What makes them gourmet, I hear you ask? Well it's the Aberdeen Angus beef, Monterary Jack cheese and Dill Pickle of course! These do sound yummy I have to say...sadly they're not vegetarian for anyone who may be wondering.

co op triple chocolate cookie pudding

Last but not least, they're doing this fab sounding Triple Chocolate Cookie Pudding, with chocolate cookie dough, white and milk chocolate chunks and chocolate sauce. Sounds like sugar heaven!

Well, that's all for today's Spotted In Shops! If you've tried any of these Co Op treats do let me know your thoughts in the comments!


  1. I'm so gutted the co op near where i work has closed. i really liked their stuff and it was a well stocked store. we now only have a sainsburys local - which is expensive and poor selection.

    those crisps for example - HELLO. i love dill pickle.


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