Spotted In Shops! Walkers Stax, Cadbury Snow Balls, New Crisps & More!

walkers lays stax paprika

I've decided to bring Spotted In Shops back from the grave permanently...partly because there's so much new stuff in shops right now with the change of seasons/Autumn equinox and partly to save my Instagram followers the endless stream of posts. So here it is...Spotted In Shops is back, probably on a weekly basis for the time being. Huzzah!

Walkers Limited Editon Stax:

walkers stax sour cream and onion

Walkers have a go at being Pringles! Available in 3 flavours: original, sour cream and onion, and paprika. These are called Lays Stax in other countries. Spotted in Asda.

walkers stax original

Maynards Bassetts Wine Gums Merry Mix:

I think these are just "festive" coloured wine gums. Innovative. Spotted in Morrisons.

Cadbury Roses Hazel in Caramel Sharing Bags:

Is there really a demand for these?

Cadbury Dairy Milk Snow Balls:

Now these there is a demand for! Stay tuned for my review...

Fox's Viennese Double Chocolate Dipped Fingers:

Fox's have brought out a few new biscuit varieties lately...and these ones were noted for their "interesting shape" by Nibs & Scribs via Instagram. Spotted in Tesco.

Real Handful Mochaccino Fruit & Nut & Choc Mix:

Snacks inspired by The Hand! Maybe I should apply for a job with Real Handful...Spotted in Locco. Also available in Strawberries & Cream, Blueberry and Mixed Berry.

The Collective Dairy Honeyed Plum & Stem Ginger:

The limited edition flavours just keep on coming from The Collective Dairy! Spotted in Waitrose.

Fox's Chocolate Orange Chunkie Cookies:

Are these new? I've never seen them before...Spotted in Tesco.

Cadbury Freddo Drinking Chocolate Mix:

I've heard that this is a rather pointless hot chocolate...don't think I'll be bothering with it! Spotted at Tesco.

Cadbury Ghooost Eggs:

Cadbury Screme Egg has been sent to the products graveyard and has come back to life as a Ghooost Egg, just in time for Halloween!

Taking the Pea Snacks: Cheesy Peasy Onion & Smoked Ham:

These really are taking the pea...more pea-based snacks! Spotted in Locco.

Choceur Coconut Crunch White Chocolate:

Some new white chocolate bars from Aldi...there's also a White Crisp and Coffee & Cream variety (stay tuned for a review of the latter!)

Yeo Valley Salted Caramel N'Ice Cream:

Yogurt-based ice creams! Apparently, these have been out for ages down South...but up North they're a bit of a rarity. I saw these in Waitrose. Also available in lemon, vanilla and blackcurrant flavours.

Ben and Jerry's Empower Mint Special Edition Ice Cream:

There's so many new Ben and Jerry's flavours out right now...sadly I can't try most as they contain gluten. This one consists of mint ice cream with chocolate brownies and a chocolate fudge swirl. Spotted in Iceland.

The Coconut Collaborative Chocolate Dipped Snowconut Sticks:

At last, a coconut milk based ice cream stick! I would have bought these if they weren't ridiculously expensive. Spotted in Waitrose.

Metcalfe's Popcorn Crisps: Say Cheese:

I don't know if these are unique or just regular corn chips. If anyone has tried them let me know in the comments. Spotted in Locco.

J.F Rabbit's Cucumber Veg Water: 

This just sounds wrong! Also available in Beetroot and Ginger. Spotted in Locco.

Batchelors Super Noodles Fiery Vindaloo:

New flavour, spotted in Morrisons.

Cadbury Mini Rolls Mega Roll Raspberry Cake:

cadbury mini rolls mega roll cake

Mini Rolls goes mega! Available at Asda. 

Cadbury Crunchie Friday Feeling Cake: 

cadbury crunchie friday feeling cake

Honeycomb cake...yum! Also at Asda.

Cadbury Caramel Share the Joy Cake:

cadbury caramel share the joy cake

What does this word "share" mean? Someone explain it to me! Also at Asda.

Asda S'mores Cupcake Kit: 

asda smores cupcake kit

S'mores are becoming popular in the UK now!

Soreen Chocolate Squidgy Cake Bites:

New bite-sized Soreen snacks. Also available in Toffee flavour. Spotted in Asda.

Jacob's Ciabatta Sundried Tomato & Basil Crackers:

A new range of ciabatta crackers from Jacob's...check out Cupcakes review of the Caramelised Onion variety here. Spotted in Asda.

Nude Popcorn Company: Sweet & Salty:

Yet another new popcorn company...Spotted in Sainsbury's.

Dr Oetker Pud in a Mug Dark Chocolate:

Ahh mug cakes...lazy, but tasty! Spotted in Asda.

Soreen Apple & Sultana:

Another new Soreen variety...Spotted in Asda.

Tesco Free From Berry Christmas Cheesecake:

tesco free from berry christmas cheesecake

Berry Christmas...get it?! This is a lovely idea for anyone who is gluten free -  wheat free cheesecakes are very hard to find!

Pop Works and Company Sticky Toffee Pudding Popcorn:

This is one I haven't tried from the new range yet, but do check out my reviews of Apple Pie and Peanut Butter and Caramel.

Pop Works and Company Sweet & Salty:

Another one I haven't tried yet...

Tesco Finest Pigs in Blankets Limited Edition Crisps:

I've tried the Rum & Cocoa flavour from this new range, and loved it...I may add this one to the list too!

Tesco Finest Beef Steak & Spiced Mustard:

I do love a good mustard flavour crisp...I may have to add these to the list too!

Tesco Finest Creamy Brie & Cranberry:

Hmm....I'm not sure about this one!

The Gourmet Popcorn Co Zero Sugar Sweet Chilli Popcorn:

Gluten free, sugar free and suitable for vegetarians. These contain artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. Spotted in Morrisons.

Ten Acre When Bombay Got Spicy Hand Cooked Crisps:

Bombay Spice crisps...sounds super yum! Spotted in Locco.

Metcalfe's Skinny Popcorn Maple Bacon:

Maple bacon isn't really a flavour that grabs me tbh...spotted in Tesco.

Kettle Chips Baked Camembert & Oak Smoked Garlic:

Now these sound a bit different! Spotted in Sainsbury's.

Seabrooks Lattice Food Heroes Chicken Jalfrezi Flavour Crisps:

I do love a good curry flavour crisp! Spotted in Tesco.

Kettle Veg Chips Honey & Black Pepper:

kettle veg chips honey and black pepper

I'm not much a fan of Veg Crisps really...

Pop Chips Ridges Crazy Hot Flavour:

I've never tried Pop Chips but I hear they're good...Spotted in Tesco.

Cadbury Snowy Fingers Limited Edition: 

A bit early yet for Xmas stuff but, hey ho, let's embrace it..these Cadbury fingers are half coated in milk and half white chocolate. Spotted in Tesco.

The Chocolate Smiths Tikka Masala White Chocolate: 

Last but not least, I leave you with more weird and wonderful creations from those barmy lasses The Chocolate Smiths. First up, Tikka Masala in White Chocolate...can we have a group "yuck!" please?! Spotted in Fenwick.

The Chocolate Smiths Prosecco Milk Chocolate Bar: 

At least this sounds more palatable!

The Chocolate Smiths Beer Milk Chocolate Bar: 

Combining two of life's pleasures in one bar is either very wrong or very right...

Creighton's Chocolaterie Custard Cream Bar: 

Saving the best for last...this sounds like maybe one of the most epic chocolate and biscuit combos ever!

Creighton's Chocolaterie Malted Milk White Chocolate Bar:

More biscuity white chocolate goodness from Creighton's...

Creighton's Chocolaterie Honey Bee Milk Choclolate:

Not sure I fancy honey flavoured chocolate...

Gnaw Salted Caramel & Peanut Milk Chocolate:

You can't beat a good salted caramel and peanut combo! Also in Fenwick.

Well, I think that's quite enough new snacks for one day...if you've tried any of these please do let me know your thoughts in the comments...


  1. Hazel in caramel is the best one in Roses!

  2. I cannot wait to try the Tesco Free From Berry Christmas Cheesecake! I think I might have to take a trip to the big Tesco though as our local is naff. And I have a pot of The Collective Dairy Honeyed Plum & Stem Ginger chilling in the fridge, can't wait to try it. I ate so much of the Gingerbread Limited addition yogurt last year! I've only been disappointed by The Collective offerings a few times- The choccy orange (too strong for my liking) The coconut(I think it was with lime?) and the black cherry+dark chocolate curls duples.

  3. I scoffed half a bag of the Pop Works sweet and salty while doing my shop in Tesco on Friday. Really yummy, can't wait to try the other flavours ūüėč

  4. Wow this is a long post! Beaten only by the Christmas one you did a couple of years ago. Love reading your blog and it has given me the motivation to spend far too much money on snacks - thanks! Thought I should say thanks for introducing me to a large collection of UK based snack bloggers and to keep up the good work - hopefully I can carry on reading for another 2 years! All the best

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, really appreciate it :) I spend far too much on snacks too haha..think I may need to go on a diet soon :s All the best to you too x

  5. love this post. would be great to get a review of the Stax - can't wait to try!

    1. I have eaten 5 boxes of the source cream & onion Stax in the last 10 days... hehe they are full of flavour and the crisp is tasty also. I'd highly recommended. I just hope they continue producing them.... x

    2. I have eaten 5 boxes of the source cream & onion Stax in the last 10 days... hehe they are full of flavour and the crisp is tasty also. I'd highly recommended. I just hope they continue producing them.... x

  6. Metcalfes 'Say Cheese' have been out a long time. They are really nice but very over priced

  7. Thrilled to hear this feature will be returning full-time - it's my favourite! Must find out whether those Stax taste exactly like the US ones..

  8. Where can I find the cadbury ghost eggs?

  9. I tried the crazy hot pop chips and I can safely say they weren't especially crazy or hot. They were certainly very nice but for the price of the bag (£1.50 on special offer) they didn't live up to the name.

  10. Dr Oetker pud in a mug is disgusting and doesn't work like the packet would indicate. Foruntately I only paid about 16p each in Home Bargains, but they didn't thicken up enough to be a pudding. They were like a thick and overly strong hot chocolate. I will not waste my money on them again!

    Walkers Stax are very similar to Pringles. Personally I find the Sour Cream and Onion a little too strong on the flavouring, but they are still tasty. You just need a lot of water on hand. I have a ready salted in the cupboard to try and expect better results from those. They are REALLY difficult to open however, but make a better 'pop' than Pringles which is I'm sure what they were going for. On that basis, I prefer Pringles and Pringles are re-sealable.

    I look forward to trying some of these other snacks, particularly the gluten-free cheesecake you mention. Looks like it would be handy to keep in the freezer - if indeed it was frozen?


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