Butterkist Choc Mallow Popcorn

butterkist choc mallow popcorn

Initially, I wasn't too fussed about trying this new Butterkist Choc Mallow Flavour, however Tesco lured me in as they always do with a reduced price offer...these were only 79p when I bought the Butterkist Salted Caramel, so I snapped up both varieties!

It's described as "popcorn coated with a chocolate marshmallow flavoured toffee" and is suitable for vegetarians as well as being gluten free.

butterkist choc mallow 

Opening the bag, the popcorn had a definite chocolatey-mallowey aroma, it's hard to describe but it's quite distinct. I poured a generous amount into my new snacks bowl.

butterkist choc mallow popcorn

Taking a bite, I was struggling to pinpoint what the coating reminded me of...it's not fully chocolate and not fully marshmallow, but a mixture of both. I can only liken it to that syrupy mixture used to make cornflake crispy cakes; not chocolatey but more of a buttery cocoa toffee.

butterkist choc mallow popcorn

The more I ate of this the more I enjoyed it, the mallowy flavour is very sweet but kind of comforting. I don't know why Butterkist have gone for this flavour since chocolate marshmallows aren't a common thing - I think they should've had a pure marshmallow flavour, but still...I really liked it.

Overall, this is a nice change and a bit different from the other flavours Butterkist do...and far more palatable than the Coconut Raspberry Flavour! It's just a shame they didn't go for a full-on marshmmallow flavour. Maybe they could've done toasted marshmallow...or even S'Mores?! Wasted opportunity right there, Butterkist!

Nutrition Info (per 25g): 106 Calories, 2.4g Fat, 19.8g Carbohydrates, 0.9g Protein. Contains Milk. Gluten Free. Suitable for vegetarians.

8 out of 10. 


  1. i really like this too, i thought it tasted like hot chocolate popcorn..


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