Cadbury Ghooost Egg Review

cadbury ghooost egg

Cadbury's are haunting us this Halloween...they've killed Cadbury's Screme Egg, sucked out its green goo and left us with this Ghooost Egg instead. Apparently there's a competition where a handful of Ghooost Eggs contain green goo, which wins you a family ticket to Alton Towers. So if you do happen to find one stop eating and hold onto it!

cadbury ghooost egg

I knew this would be a boring affair right from the get go...opening the wrapper I was met with the familiar sight of a regular Cadbury Creme Egg shell, albeit with a sweet "calendar chocolate" aroma.

cadbury ghooost egg

Biting off the top, I was sad to find no green goo, and was immediately struck by how bad the chocolate tasted. I don't know why Cadbury's stopped using Dairy Milk for Creme Eggs, this stuff they've replaced it with is pretty horrible and tastes extremely cheap. The white "gooo" was nice, initially, it gives you that instant sugar rush Creme Egg is known for, but it doesn't take long before it just tastes too much.

Overall, I don't know what to say about this Ghooost Egg's just a bit lacklustre, especially for an occasion like Halloween. They could've at least coloured it Blood Orange. Move along people, nothing more to see here...

Nutrition Info (per 40g): 177 Calories, 26g Sugar, 6.3g Fat. Suitable for vegetarians. 

6 out of 10.


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