Cadbury Crunchums Review

new maize snacks

It's been a busy year for new Cadbury product releases. So far we've had Wispa Hot Chocolate, the Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations range, Pots of Joy, the soon-to-be released Dairy Milk Strawberries and Creme...and now these!

I spotted these Cadbury Crunchums on offer in Morrisons along with the rest of Cadbury's bagged range for 99p. They're crunchy maize cereal snacks coated in Cadbury chocolate, described as "crispy chocolatey cereal". Unfortunately the chocolate used isn't Dairy Milk but is Cadbury's sweeter, lower quality milk chocolate. It doesn't really matter though, because it works well with these snacks.

new maize snacks

I wasn't sure what to think at first. Biting into one I was met with a slightly salty, savoury kind of taste, almost like crisps. The sweet milk chocolate provides a nice contrast which works surprisingly well, and after a few mouthfulls I was totally hooked and found them extremely moreish. They're quite light as well as being crunchy which makes it very easy to eat a lot at once.

new chocolate maize snacks

Overall, a tasty new product from Cadbury's which I'm sure will be very successful. I think they would make a great snack for taking to the cinema, which is a theory I plan on testing out. (All in the name of Science, of course!)

Price: 99p at Morrisons.
Ingredients: Suitable for vegetarians.
Allergy advice: Contains milk, may contain wheat, nuts & soya.
Nutritional information (per third of bag): 185 calories, 11g fat, 20g carbs (13g sugars).
Interesting fact: These are available in Europe under the Milka brand called "Cranchitos".


  1. I saw these in my local Tesco Express priced at £1 yesterday and boy were these delicious! The cereal itself has a similar texture to Golden Grahams and Curiously Cinnamon, although they tasted a little salty. On the plus side, they're extremely crunchy and are coated in more chocolate than I expected.

  2. I found them to be far too salty

  3. They have also been sold in Norway under the name of Smash by Nidar for quite some years now. They are one of my favorite chocolates.

  4. nice choc you cant go wrong with cadburys

  5. They are a bit too unusual, not an everyday snack i suppose but tbh Cadbury has done better

  6. Just enjoying some now, nice contrast between the sweet soft chocolate and salty crunch maize, i think a nice treat every now and then, but too much could prove sickly in my opinion.

  7. Conducted own research within an office environment and general feedback was negative although low percentage did enjoy them however they were unusual. If you like chocolate flavour crips these are probably for you!

  8. I purchased these to share with my chikdren. Admitedly I did not read the packet just looked quickly at the packaging and the name so I was expecting to be eating small crunchie bar bites. Instead i was eating a choclate coated savoury snack that had no business being on the sweet shelf. These were horrible and the use of a name that is so similar to an existing brand is misleading.


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