Weird & Wonderful Foods: Scorpion Vodka, BBQ Worms, Giant Gummy Bear

Since I've been finding so many downright odd and unusual snacks lately, I thought I'd do a quick roundup of them all. Some of them I shall not be reviewing - ever - so you'll have to live in wonder as to how they might taste!

First up is this Scorpion Vodka - whoever thought this was a good idea is obviously a few pints short of a brewery; who is going to buy this? More to the point - why spoil perfectly good alcohol?!

As if putting scorpions in vodka wasn't bad enough someone also thought it a good idea to put them in slabs of toffee. Behold this Toffee Scorpion Candy:

Again - why ruin perfectly good toffee (at least I'm assuming it is) with scorpions?

Moving swiftly can now experience "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!" for yourself with these BBQ Flavour Worm Crisps!:

I imagine these are more popular than the scorpions but they're still not something I would ever eat without being paid a LOT of money!

And now for something a bit sweeter and more wonderful to conclude this Snacks Roundup...The World's Largest Gummi Bear:

This gummy bear - or gummy monster - is made in the USA and costs a hefty £40! I imagine you'd have to really like gummy bears to fork out for one of these!

Well, that's it for today's roundup...I hope you've all enjoyed peeking into the world of weird and wonderful snackstuffs, please do leave a comment and let me know if you've tried any of these oddities yourself!

I get the feeling I'll have a lot more weird and wonderful snack reviews to come...


  1. I would totally put money down to try some of those BBQ worms!

  2. Yeek!! Wouldn't eat those worms or scorpions!! :-S

  3. Without being totally stalkerish is that Fenwicks in Newcastle? I didn't realise you were a northerner like me! There's not many of us - everyone else seems to be from London.

    1. It is indeed! Nice to know there's other snacks bloggers around these parts :)

    2. Haha yeh - I'm from Newcastle too! Glad to know everyone isn't in London! :)

  4. Can it be true, the world's LARGEST gummy bear? Amazing!


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