Percy & Penny Pig together at last! (Marks & Spencer)

Whilst in M&S recently I spotted the "New" label on these Percy Pigs and put them in my basket without realizing they aren't really all that new; they're a mixture of Percy Pig, Penny Pig and "strawberry hearts" sweets all in the same bag.  

If you've tried Penny Pig sweets before you'll know they are similar to Percy Pigs but with a lemon flavour. They're nice, but nowhere near as good as the original Percy Pigs in my opinion. The Percy Pigs themselves tasted as good as always, with a lovely thick chewy texture and a delicious addictive fruity taste. The "strawberry hearts" were a bit non-descript, they tasted a bit like Percy Pigs but with a less intense fruity flavour. 

Overall, if you like both Percy Pig and Penny Pig sweets these are a nice mixture of the two - with some extra strawberry heart sweets thrown in - but personally I think it's better to get either one or the other individually. 

According to the sticker on the pack these are to celebrate 21 years of Percy Pig (blimey, Percy is getting old!) and in that respect I think they're a bit disappointing. Why boast about producing a great product for 21 years with something so uninspired? Why not mark those 21 years with a bang instead? (Percy Pig Sausages, perhaps?!)

Price: £1.49 at Marks and Spencer.
Ingredients: Contains gelatine - not suitable for vegetarians. 
Allergy Advice: Not suitable for cow's milk allergy sufferers due to manufacturing methods. 
Nutrition Information (per 25g): 85 calories, 0.1g fat, 19.7g carbs (13.2g sugars).


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