Walkers Milk Chocolate Raisin Eggs

Whilst in Poundworld recently, I spotted these Walkers Chocolate Raisin Eggs. I've never seen or heard of crunchy coated chocolate raisins before so I just had to give them a try.

They are pretty much like a mashup between a Chocolate Raisin and a Cadbury Mini Egg - each chocolate raisin is coated in a crisp sugar shell, although they were a bit too small to be classed as "eggs" in my opinion. They carry the logo "Walkers Chocolates of London since 1963", but are made in Birmingham. Seems a bit like false advertising to me!

I have to be honest and say the quality of the chocolate wasn't all that great, it was very sweet and sugary and the sort of thing you would expect to find in a pound shop really. The raisins themselves weren't great quality either. But despite this, I rather enjoyed them! The contrast in texture between the soft raisins with the crunchy shell was oddly addictive and I couldn't help munching on far too many despite the sugar rush that was hitting me!

Overall, despite the poor quality chocolate I thought these Chocolate Raisin Eggs were a unique and addictive product. It would be nice if another company could replicate them with better quality ingredients.

Price: £1 at Poundworld.
Ingredients: Contains 25% cocoa solids. Not suitable for vegetarians - contains cochineal.
Allergy advice: None stated but contains milk, whey powder and soya lecithin.


  1. You're lucky NOT to have tried the bags of JUMBO raisins recently. Yes they USED to be VERY jumbo, no obviously Australia has run out of them or Walkers just don't give a S***.
    May be anonymous but true check em out "COME ON WALKERS GET A GRIP"


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