Marks and Spencer Gluten Free Chocolate & Cherry Cake

Here we have the Marks and Spencer "Made Without Wheat" Chocolate & Cherry sponge cake, which is described on pack as "All butter chocolate sponge filled with buttercream and black cherry jam, finished with milk chocolate ganache". It costs £2.99.

I bought this cake as I am rather sensitive to gluten; I can eat it but too much makes me feel unwell. Luckily I'm not celiac, but my heart goes out to those who are because it's extremely frustrating to find products without gluten in. It makes going to cafes all the more difficult, although more and more companies seem to be adding gluten free options to their menus and product ranges.

I decided to buy this for a little one-off treat. There was a gluten-free lemon cake as well as this one, but I went for chocolate because, well, you can never go wrong with chocolate!

I'm happy to report that this cake was delicious! It was moist, fudgy, and had plenty of tangy cherry filling. In fact it was oozing out of the cake, as you can see here:

The topping was some kind of chocolate ganache, but personally I didn't feel it added much to the cake. It wasn't chocolately enough for me. Which brings me to what let me down about this cake: it just wasn't chocolatey enough! The topping and the cake itself didn't have a very strong cocoa flavour, which for me was a disappointment. But apart from that, I can't grumble too much because the cake was so deliciously moist - moreso than most cakes made with wheat flour. It was a real treat indeed.

Overall, if you are gluten sensitive or gluten intolerant then I would happily recommend this cake! It's a delicious treat that tastes just as good, if not better, than regular cakes made with wheat flour. Other gluten-free cakes I've tried have been quite dry in comparison to this, so it's a real winner.

Price: £2.99.
Ingredients: Suitable for vegetarians.
Allergy advice: Contains milk, eggs, soya, sulphites.


  1. This looks completely ace! I know who to blame tomorrow when I have a craving for chocolate cake!

    I'm always pleased to see wider ranges of "free from" foods available too. I have a friend who can't eat gluten and it can be very difficult. Another great find Kev :)

    1. Thanks Katherine :) Go on, give on to your cake cravings hehe!

      Yes it's great to see a wider choice of free from stuff isn't it, the market seems to be growing. Sainsbury's seem to have a particularly good range of stuff.

  2. What frustrates me the most is the inclusion of egg in most gluten free products. A huge percentage of people with gluten intolerance have problems with egg so why companies insist on using egg in GF breads and biscuits, I will never know. It isn't even a taste/ consistency issue as there are companies out there who do it, you just have to really dig hard to find somewhere who stocks them. I can only think it is cost related. Shame.

    1. Hi, youre probably right, as with most companies it's usually a cost thing. Can you recommend any good companies who do egg free cakes? I have some issues with egg myself but usually make my own stuff with ground flaxseed to replace the egg (see my dairyfree and eggfree coconut pie recipe).

  3. this cake was truly delicious but cant seem to find it now in my marks and spencer no one seems to know why its not being made and the chocolate loaf is just not the s

  4. I can eat gluten, but I sometimes buy these supermarket gluten free options just to see what they're like. Sainsbury's gluten free apple pie is amazing, it tastes far better than regular apple pie. Maybe I just like the taste of gluten-less things :P


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