Nestlé Joe Apple & Cinnamon wafer bites (Limited Edition)

Whilst visiting London recently I had the chance to peruse a number of stores we don't get here up North. One of them was 99p Stores, which are cusiously absent in my area, even though we have plenty of Poundlands and Poundzones. After a little research it seems that 99p Stores are part of the same company as "Family Bargains", which we do get here up North, infact many of the European snacks I've reviewed on this blog are from there.

I found these limited edition apple and cinnamon Joe wafers in the Camden 99p Store. They're Romanian in origin and described as "Crispy mini wafers with milk cream with apple and cinnamon taste".

Taste-wise I'm sorry to say they weren't that great. They tasted a bit cheap and were quite crumbly and powdery, although the apple and cinnamon flavour was interesting. They were a bit like Pink Wafers but with apple and cinnamon flavour cream, cut up into little cubes. They were okay but not something I would buy again.

I also saw some Marzipan flavour Joe wafers which I didn't really fancy the sound of:

Overall, it's interesting to see different flavours of European snacks such as Nestlé Joe making their way to the UK, but these particular ones aren't something I would recommend.

I've reviewed the Hazelnut variety of Joe wafers before which you can check out here: Nestlé Joe Hazelnut Wafers.

Price: 99p.
Allergy advice: Contains gluten.
Made by: Nestlé Romania.


  1. I passed the Apple & Cinnamon because I thought they were the same thing I had tried three years before (they're not, those were coated in chocolate), but I did try the marzipan ones. I thought they smelled lovely, they had a really nice almondy/ marzipan flavour, but the taste was surprisingly mild. Nothing amazing, but still nice enough...

  2. I had tries the marzipan oen i dont really like wafer but i did when i had marziapn in them beacuse i love marzipan so they were a nice snack i bought them in a 99p store for 75p.


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