Moser Roth Passion Fruit Panna Cotta - Summer Limited Edition (Aldi)

When I heard about the new Summer Limited Edition Panna Cotta bars from Moser Roth I just had to find my nearest Aldi and track them down. I'm always moaning about the lack of interesting chocolate varieties we get from UK manufacturers so I was all the more excited to try these!

The Limited Edition range comes in Blueberry, Raspberry and Passionfruit varities. I chose Blueberry and Passionfruit, although in hindsight wish I'd bought the Raspberry flavour too!

The bars are described as "Milk chocolate with a lightly whipped creamy mousse, topped with a passion fruit flavoured filling". They're unique in that rather than being a single large block, the pack is comprised of 5 individually wrapped bars. This is a great idea because each one is the perfect size to savour all to yourself, plus the quality is so good that a single bar is really satisfying.

Each bar can be split into 4 pieces and has a layer of panna cotta mousse at the bottom, with the passionfruit layer sat above:

Taste-wise I thought they were quite simply, amazing! The milk chocolate was good quality, with a creamy taste similar to that of Lindt chocolate. Adding to this was the panna cotta mousse, which was also very creamy and melted in the mouth nicely. The passionfruit layer itself was quite sticky and almost like a runny jam, and provided a refreshing, fruity tanginess which I thought complimented the panna cotta mousse very well. Passionfruit isn't a flavour often paired with chocolate, but in this instance it really works!

Overall, I really enjoyed these Passion Fruit Panna Cotta bars and would highly recommend them, especially to fans of fruity chocolates. They're by far some of the nicest chocolates I've eaten and reviewed this year (and I've eaten a lot!), infact I'm considering awarding them a "Product of the Year" title! I really like the fact that Moser Roth have combined interesting flavours with good quality chocolate - something most mainstream chocolate manufacturers rarely get right.

Please stay tuned for my review of the Moser Roth Blueberry Panna Cotta bars...

Price (per 187g pack): £1.69 at Aldi.
Ingredients: Suitable for vegetarians.
Allergy advice: Contains milk & soya. May contain peanuts and nuts.
Nutritional Information (per 37.5g bar): 197 calories, 11.7g fat, 20.1g carbs (19.2g sugars).


  1. Is Moser Roth a UK manufacturer? I thought they were German?

    1. Hi, yes I think they are German. The box doesnt say where they are made though.

  2. I saw these the other day and was tempted but I didn't get them in the end. I think I might now though!

  3. Hannah go for it, i always say that chocolate is a part of life, it's great to "treat" yourself and family to these ultimate delicacies, on Christmas Day i received a box of chocolates, to my surprise i must admit i new very little about Moser Roth, they are so smooth, low on sugar but literally melt in your mouth, outstanding

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    1. I recommend Moser Roth Sea Salt chocolate... Similar in the bars and only £1.29!


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