Sperlari Granperle pralines (like Lindor)

Whilst in Family Bargains recently I came across these Sperlari Granperle pralines. Family Bargains always seem to sell obscure European branded chocolates, such as the LaCasa Pineapple Praline and Pergale Coconut Centres I've reviewed previously. These Sperlari pralines caught my attention because they look a bit like Lindor truffles, and indeed they were very similar!

They're basically ball shaped truffles that contain different fillings. There were three different varieties at Family Bargains but I went for Milk Chocolate with gianduja and caramel crisp, and Dark chocolate with almond cream and nougat.

Milk Chocolate Gianduja and Caramel:
Sperlari  Granperle Milk & Caramel
These are milk chocolate truffle balls that contain a gianduja hazelnut cream centre with crunchy caramel pieces, and they were delicious! The chocolate tasted very creamy and quite similar to Lindt, but not quite as rich. The gianduja filling was creamy and nutty, and the crunchy caramel pieces went well with it. These pralines were verrrrrrrrry addictive, I seriously couldn't stop eating them! Imagine a milk chocolate Lindor truffle with crunchy caramel pieces (like the crunchy bits in Milka with D'aim) and you've got a pretty good idea of how these tasted. Very moreish!

Dark Chocolate with Almond Cream and Nougat:
Sperlari Granperle Dark & Nougat
These weren't quite as nice as the milk chocolate version but were still very tasty. The chocolate contains 60% cocoa solids which made them much richer, and the almond cream filling was sweet and milky with a cinnamon hinted flavour. The nougat grains tasted of honey and almond, similar to the nougat in Toblerone. They were very tasty but I couldn't eat too many at once.

Sperlari Granperle Dark & Nougat
Overall, I think these Sperlari Granperle are fantasic value for the price as they're very good quality and unique, and the Milk and Caramel Granperle are very addictive! I hope to see them again at Family Bargains - next time I want to pick up the hazelnut praline variety I didn't get the last time. If you happen to see these in any discount stores I would definitely recommend them!

Price: £1 per 160g box.
Made by: Sperlari, who are an Italian company. Their website is www.sperlari.it.


  1. What are the odds! I just Googled these because my boss brought some back from his vacation in Italy...They are amazing. Wish there was a Family Bargains near me, I'd love to have some every day, haha.


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