Walkers Sprout Lovers - Pigs In Blankets & Turkey & Stuffing

So as well as the Brussels Sprouts crisps I reviewed the other day, there were two other flavours in the "Christmas Dinner for Sprout Lovers" multipack from Walkers: Pigs in Blankets and Turkey & Stuffing. Both tasty, festive and pretty normal considering!

The multipacks are £1 in Sainsbury's, and there's also another Christmas Dinner edition for "Sprout Haters" - with Glazed Ham, Cheese and Cranberry and also Turkey and Stuffing, available from Ocado. The cheese and cranberry ones sound like something I'd try!

walkers pigs in blankets crisps

Back to today's flavours then; the Pigs in Blankets is pretty much smoky bacon, but perhaps with a stronger bacon flavour than the regular variety. It was hard to tell, but they're certainly very tasty and a welcome change after the vegetable-centric (that gets it's green from chlorphyl) Sprout Crisps! As someone mentioned in the comments of the last review, though...the bacon flavour does tend to repeat on you afterwards.

walkers turkey and stuffing crisps

The Turkey and Stuffing again was pretty similar to an existing flavour of Walkers Crisps: Roast Chicken, although perhaps with a more herby flavour. The ingredients don't actually list turkey as an ingredient, but rather chicken fat, so maybe they are indeed a repackaged Roast Chicken flavour. If this is the case I have to say I'm a little disappointed, but nevertheless this is still an interesting multipack if only for the novelty of the Sprout Crisps!

So if you're one of those strange, strange people who inexplicably love sprouts this multipack is definitely the one for you this Christmas...the rest of us can just enjoy the meaty flavours, or maybe go for the Sprout Haters selection - I'll certainly be keeping my eyes peeled for that one to review!


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