Baboo Handmade Gelato Review

A big thankyou to Baboo Gelato for today's review, they kindly sent me some of their Gelato range recently and it's been quite a delightful experience to say the least! Baboo Gelato is handmade award winning ice cream, from Bridport, Dorset and is available from Delis in the Bridport area, although will gradually be expanding as other stores stock them. If you're interested in seeing these please do let local stores know! Baboo use organic milk from a local farm and a lot of the fruit comes from their own rambling garden. It's lower in fat content than traditional ice cream, and more intensely flavoured.

The range I was sent had some lovey varieties, there's the super moreish Bah Humbug, based on butter mint sweets, Brandy Gelato which is appropriately boozy, Crystallized Ginger Gelato, Pear Sorbet which has won a Great Taste Award, and an alcoholic Gin and Tonic sorbet.

Starting with my absolute favourite from the range - Bah Humbug! This has a festive design on the tub, but the flavour is of classic Butter Mint Humbug sweets. And it's insanely delicious! I never would've thought such a flavour would work in ice cream form, but it most certainly does and exceeded my expectations. It's almost like butter mint sweets meets salted caramel, and is very addictive.

The ice cream may look simple but is so, so tasty! I had to stop myself from eating the whole tub, haha. I'm not usually a fan of Mint sweets, in fact I probably haven't eaten butter mints since I was a kid, but after trying this it's made me want to revisit them! I think the flavour probably works better in ice cream form; there's the classic buttery toffee combined with super sweet candy mint. If you have the chance to try this one - don't pass it up, you won't regret it!

Next up is Brandy Gelato. Now I don't usually like alcohol mixed with ice cream, chocolates etc, but luckily here they haven't used an overpowering amount of brandy - just enough to give it a subtle warming boozy edge. And it's ideal for the festive season! I had mine for breakfast...because why not?!

Super creamy, and super tasty! If you like boozy things in general this is most definitely worth a try.

I wasn't sure how the ginger variety would work - I do enjoy crystallized ginger especially around the festive season, but have never imagined it in ice cream before.

It's surprisingly very nice, the ginger chunks are chewy and slightly crunchy, giving a nice warmth to the creamy ginger ice cream. I bet this would go a treat with a gingerbread pudding!

Pear sorbet...this one is dairy free and has won a Great Taste 2018 Award so it must be doing something right!

It's a nice firm and fruity sorbet with an abundance of pear flavour from the real pear puree used in the ingredients. Very refreshing, and it made a nice change from the dairy based varieties. This is a great vegan alternative, certainly nicer than any store bought variety.

Last but not least...Gin and Tonic! Gin is of course one of those "flavours of the moment", with it being added to everything from mince pies to even bubble how does it taste in sorbet form?

This contains 8% Fordington Gin, plus tonic water and juniper berries. The sorbet has an interesting looks almost snow white, like melted snow and has a gloopy texture. I had a taste and can't say this flavour was for me, but that's because I'm not really a gin lover. However I imagine if you love gin you will adore this, considering it's so potent!

Overall, I have to say this Gelato range is an absolute delight! I enjoyed every flavour apart from the Gin, and even loved the brandy which I was skeptical about. I'm puzzled as to why these aren't more widely available, considering how tasty and unique the flavours are. I'd certainly be buying the Bah Humbug flavour weekly if I could!

I do hope to see Baboo Gelato more widely available in future and I wish them every success with listings. If you'd like to try their range please do check out for more information.


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