Retrocorn Cola Cube & Cherry Pips Popcorn

Retro Corn Cola Cube

A big thanks to Retrocorn for sending me a variety of new popcorn flavours from their range to review recently. Their popcorn is "popped in Great Britain with traditional British sweets", with classic retro flavours such as Sherbet Lemon, Cola Cubes etc added to it. The popcorn is gluten free and suitable for vegans, and contains 85 calories per half a bag.

Retro Corn Cherry Pips

I do like the bag design - it's colourful and funky whilst also showing off its British credentials. Nice! I was sent a fair few flavours to try but today I'll focus on the Cherry Pips and Cola Cube varieties - both quite novel and different, and not flavours you'd usually see mixed with popcorn!

The Cherry Pips flavour is of course combined with crushed Cherry sweets, making for an interesting sweet and sour combination. They have a purple colour and I like that they have been properly incorporated with the popcorn rather than just using a flavoured powder coating. The popcorn tastes great; it's fresh and well popped without any gritty pieces. The boiled sweets add bursts of sweetness, and of course a sour cherry flavour. It's an interesting combination and unlike any popcorn I've tasted's certainly an experience! Whilst this was a very tasty combo I think I did prefer the other retro sweet flavours more though.

The Cola Cubes variety follows a similar theme; crushed cola cube sweets incorporated with the popcorn, giving it a subtle sweet cola flavour. And this was my favourite! The cola flavour is just right and perfectly compliments the popcorn, bringing two comforting nostalgic flavours together in one. It's very moreish popcorn indeed and the crunchy sweet pieces fused to the corn are great to crunch on. All in all this is a big success - you can't get popcorn more retro than this!

To find out more about Retrocorn and to buy (they do smaller trial size packs) check out their website:

Many thanks to Retrocorn for sending me these; please do stay tuned for my reviews of the other flavours: Rhubarb and Custard, Strawberries & Cream and Sherbet Lemon!


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