Enjoy Raw Chocolate Coconut Milk Bar

Enjoy Raw Chocolate Coconut Milk

As far as Dairy Free/Vegan chocolates go I'm a huge fan of the Waitrose 1 Indian Ocean Coconut Chocolate bar. It's hands down my favourite, it's pretty much like a Lindt Extra Creamy as far as Vegan chocolate is concerned. But when I spotted these mini bars of Coconut "Enjoy" raw chocolate in Asda's Free From section recently I was intrigued to see if they would taste similar - they contain creamed coconut and are described as Milk Chocolate, although have a high cocoa percentage - 65%. They're Organic and made with Peruvian Cacao, costing £1.99, which is a little off-putting for such a small bar but if the quality is good surely it's worth it?

Enjoy Raw Chocolate Coconut Milk

The bar comes in ten small squares and has a rich and coconutty aroma. Definitely no average chocolate.

Enjoy Raw Chocolate Coconut Milk

The taste surprised me - it's super creamy but also very rich from the high percentage of cocoa. It's a nice balance of flavours, neither being too intense nor too sweet. I wouldn't say it's quite as delicious as the Waitrose 1 Coconut Bar, but it's certainly very good in its own right. Flavoursome, rich and good quality is how I'd describe it. If you're vegan or dairy free and fancy something a bit creamier then this is a great choice - not all Asda stores seem to stock them yet but hopefully if they sell well they will!

Overall, highly recommended if you're vegan or need to avoid dairy for any reason! For more info on the brand check out their website here:



  1. Looking at the title, I thought this was a drink until I clicked on it.


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