M&S Alcohol Free G & Tee Total Juice Drink

So M&S recently launched a range of Non Alcoholic drinks perfect for the festive season, from "G and Tee Total" to "Peach & Cranberry Cosmo" and several more. I believe there's also alcohol free bucks fizz and mulled wine too!

I thought I'd try one of the flavours - the G and Tee Total Juice. This cost £1.80 and is described as "A refreshing combination of lemon & cucumber. Delicious on its own or add gin for a thirst quenching cocktail". Notice the last bit...add gin?! I thought these were being advertised as Alcohol Free and Tee Total. Make your mind up which marketing angle you're going for.

The juice is made from water, pasteurized lemon and yuzu, with some added cucumber extract and sugar. I took a sip whilst out shopping, in much need of refreshment. And very refreshing it is! The yuzu brings a certain sour sharpness that is nicer than lemon or lime alone, whilst the cucumber flavour is faint but adds to the refreshing feel of it. All in all, I would say this is indeed very refreshing and I can see why they mention using it as an alcoholic mixer...a splash of spirits would certainly go well with it. So I'll let them off for mentioning gin ;)

marks and spencer alcohol free juices

Above is the other variety I spotted - Peach & Cranberry Cosmo.

marks and spencer alcohol free juices

There's also "Jingle Berries Lemonade" and "Gooseberry in a Pear Tree" juice drinks. I like the sound of the latter, gooseberries aren't a common juice flavour!

Have you tried any of these new festive juices from M&S? Would you recommend any in particular? Let me know in the comments!


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