Elizabeth Shaw Luxuriously Tempting Biscuit Selection

Elizabeth Shaw Luxuriously Tempting Biscuit Selection

A big thankyou to Elizabeth Shaw for sending me this Christmas "Luxuriously Tempting" Biscuit Selection pack to review recently. This is a box containing three packs of unique biscuit varieties; Mint and Cocoa, Coconut and Hazelnut and the very festive...White Chocolate and Cranberry! These are available for £5 from Sainsbury's stores in the Christmas gifts aisle.

elizabeth shaw cranberry white chocolate biscuits

The White Chocolate and Cranberry biscuits certainly looked the part and are described as "chocolate biscuit with cranberry flavour caramel, cranberry flavour pieces and rice crisps in white chocolate".

elizabeth shaw cranberry white chocolate biscuits

Cutting it open, you can see the chocolate biscuit layer and red coloured caramel sat above. It's an interesting combination, mixing creamy white chocolate with the more bourbon-like cookie base, and the tartness of the cranberries makes it feel almost like a blackforest flavour? This is offset by the sweet caramel, and the rice crisps bring a nice crunchy element that works well with the other textures. All in all, an unusual but very tasty combo. These kind of remind me of white chocolate coated Oreos which is no bad thing!

elizabeth shaw cocoa mint biscuits

The Mint & Cocoa variety is described as "crisp biscuit with mint flavour caramel, cocoa nibs and rice crisps in dark chocolate" and is of course the classic mint and dark choc combo that Elizabeth Shaw are known for! And very tasty it is too. The mint and dark chocolate work perfectly together, with the chocolate balancing out the sweetness of the caramel. The biscuit is of course the perfect base for the other flavours, with the rice crisps again adding an interesting textural element, and the cocoa nibs also adding crunch. All in all, very tasty and a perfect biscuit for the festive season! 

elizabeth shaw coconut hazelnut biscuits

Last but not least, the Coconut & Hazelnut flavour. This is described as "crisp biscuit with caramel, dessicated coconut, hazelnuts and rice crisps in milk chocolate". This has a nice nutty flavour going on, with hints of praline, with the coconut further adding to the toasty nutty vibe. Almost Ferrero Rocher-ish. The sweet caramel offsets the savoury elements, with the milk chocolate finishing things off nicely. Again the rice crisps add a nice texture combined with the chewy caramel and crunchy biscuit as well as hazelnuts. This is another delicious flavour, and rather moreish too!

Overall then, it's hard to fault this selection from Elizabeth Shaw - all three varieties are pretty unique for biscuits and combine different textures and flavours that somehow work well together. The pack would make a great gift for anyone who loves their biscuits (dare I say grandparents in particular?), or even just as a biscuit tin staple over the Chrsitmas season. Worth looking out for in Sainsbury's!

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