Skinny Food Co Sauces Sweet Chilli, Tomato Ketchup & South West

Skinny Food Co Sauces Sweet Chilli & Tomato Ketchup

Following my review of The Skinny Food Co #NotGuilty Hazelnut Spread, today it's a review for their savoury Skinny Sauces, which come in three flavours; Sweet Chilli, Tomato Ketchup and South West Sauce. These are available from The Skinny Food Co's website:

skinny food co south west sauce

The sauces contain zero carbs, zero dairy, zero gluten, zero calories, zero sugar and zero are suitable for a wide range of dietary requirements indeed! Instead of all the above, what do they contain I hear you ask?

skinny food co skinny sauce

The South West Sauce is a mixture of tomato, citrus fibre, xanthan gum, spirit vinegar, mustard, spices, and the sweetener sucralose. So that's about the only true artificial thing in it, whether that's good or not I suppose depends on your feelings on artificial sweeteners. Personally I'd prefer stevia since it's more natural, but the world isn't ready for stevia sauce just yet I guess!

This sauce is certainly very tasty, with a sweet, punchy and slightly sharp flavour, similar to the one you can get in Subway. It's the sort of thing that goes well with burgers and red meat, and maybe even as a garnish on salad. The artificial sweetener is noticeable, but not too bad. Id' rate this 7.5 out of 10.

The Tomato Ketchup one was a bit more up my street, partly because it's a classic flavour that's hard to come by in "free from" form. Again this is zero carb, zero dairy, zero calorie, zero sugar and fat. Now it's not strictly true that it contains no calories or carbs...per 100ml there's 22 calories and 4.1g Carbs, but apparently this is low enough to lawfully be called calorie free (as far as I know anyway!)

It tastes pretty good, the tomato flavour is strong with the sweetener rounding it out. It goes well with burgers and meat, but it doesn't have enough punch for chips I think (which you shouldn't be eating on a low carb diet anyway - tut tut!). It's lacking maybe due to a lower percentage of tomato, but for a lower calorie tomato ketchup this is probably as good as you can get. I'd rate this 8 out of 10.

Last but not least, the Sweet Chilli Sauce one I was looking forward to most because I do like a spicy kick to sauce. It's pretty similar to the Ketchup in texture but with the spiciness being more prominent and slightly sweeter in the taste. Again, this goes nice with burgers and meat. I'd rate this 8 out of 10.

Overall, I have to say whilst artificial sweeteners may not be everyone's cup of tea, and stevia would be a lot more preferable, on the whole these sauces tick all the boxes they're supposed to. If you're on a particular diet like low carb or low calorie, or need to avoid dairy and gluten they're ideal. Hopefully they'll become more widely available in shops!

For more info on the range and to buy see:


  1. I remember reading, and not sure if it only applies to the US that foods are allowed to labels as containing 'zero' of something, even if they do contain it in small amounts. I think i looked it up when i bought a Walden farms product (which was made of so many chemicals it was basically plastic). So it was saying that it may say zero calories/fat/carbs or whatever but it still may contain say, 5 calories, which if you go over board, and every day, every week, still may add up. not to get into obsessive calorie counting or commentary on weight etc - but i thought it was interesting that things were allowed to be called 'zero' when still containing it. but may well just be the US, so we're safe(?? :-) )

    1. those walden farms products are just disgusting. there are actually videos on youtube of people eating them as challenges haha

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