The Skinny Food Co Chocaholic Low Sugar Spread

Low Sugar Chocaholic Skinny Spread

A big thanks to The Skinny Food Co for sending me a variety of products to try recently; if you've never heard of them before they produce a wide range of low sugar/sugar free sauces, syrups and spreads that are suitable for various allergies as well as low in fat and calories. Today's review is for their Chocaholic Skinny Spread, which is a low-sugar take on Nutella made with sweeteners like maltitol and stevia. Eek - the dreaded maltitiol! This is definitely not a product to eat in excess! ;)

Low Sugar Chocaholic Skinny Spread

As well as sweeteners this contains 10% hazelnut paste, vegetable oils, whey and milk powder and cocoa. It's recommended to enjoy it in porridge, smoothies, pancakes, fruit and baking.

Low Sugar Chocaholic Skinny Spread

Opening the lid, I was immediately hit with the strong aroma of smelled just like the real thing, perhaps even better! The spread had clumped to one side due to being sent through the post and refrigerated, so after taking pics I let it settle at room temperature for a bit. This allowed it to reach a more smoother Nutella like consistency.

I scooped some out and ate it right from the spoon. It's good stuff, and hard to tell apart from Nutella! It's less sweet obviously, and perhaps a little less sticky and oily, which is a good thing. The maltitol is just the right level of sweetness and doesn't overpower the other flavours, allowing the hazelnut more room to shine. This is a very addictive spread indeed, and I can confirm it goes well on things like rice cakes!

Overall, for a lower sugar alternative to Nutella this is very tasty and does exactly what it should. Definitely check out this company - they do a great range of zero calorie syrups and sauces:

8 out of 10. 


  1. Sounds yummy. Do they sell in any shops?

  2. Maltitol - Oh hell no. That stuff is beyond evil. :D


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