Vegan Magnum now exists & Free From Spotted In Shops!

freaks of nature dairy free blueberry yoghurt

So I thought it about time I do a Free From version of Spotted In Shops (with a side dose of Vegan Snacks News), featuring some of the latest Gluten/Dairy/Egg Free & Vegan products, since the demand for these foods is ever-growing. Without further ado, let's take a look at what's come out in recent months...

First up - Freaks of Nature, makers of Dairy Free desserts, have launched into the Dairy Free Yoghurt market with Blueberry and Strawberry flavours. These are made with Cashew nuts and are currently available from Sainsbury's for £1.50 a pot.

Magnum Vegan Almond

It's not available in the UK yet (Sweden and Finland will get them in September), but a Vegan Magnum now exists in both Classic and Almond varieties! No doubt these will be on sale here soon if they're popular - I personally reckon they'll be on shelves by next year.

the coconut collaborative passionfruit panna cotta

The Coconut Collaborative are still going strong with their Dairy Free desserts, and have added a Mango and Passionfruit Panna Cotta to their range, made from coconut milk. Available at Sainsbury's.

the groovy food company creamed coconut

The Groovy Food Company recently launched creamed coconut in jars, perfect for making your own coconut milk with and using in curries...

groovy food co creamed coconut

...and apparently it's a "delicious plant based alternative" to a diary! (see above). I'm surprised such a hilarious typo managed to get through their system, but there it is! Available at Tesco.

rhythm coconut kefir pink ginger

Rhythm, known for their coconut kefir drinks now make Kefir with Pink Ginger! Available at Sainsbury's.

better than rice konjac

Cauli Rice, the low carb alternative to rice is becoming popular in supermarkets now, but hot on its heels is this new "Better Than Rice" made from Konjac fibre. It's gluten free, low calorie, vegan, fat free and high fibre. Available from Tesco.

Naturli plant based mince

Plant-based alternatives to meat are becoming ever more popular (with Beyond Meat making its debut with a "bleeding" burger in Tesco), and now you can get Plant Based Soya mince that looks like regular minced beef in Sainsbury's. This isn't revolutionary since Veggie mince has been available for a while, but it's the first of its kind to mimic the look of "fresh" minced meat.

the saucy affair raw sauce beetroot cahoot

Sainsburys are now selling "The Saucy Affair" (ooh-er missus!) raw sauces, made with over 70% fruit and veg. This "Beetroot Cahoot" variety looks very vibrant!

kombucha cola

Made by Lo Bros, Sainsbury's are also selling this Organic Kombucha Cola with "living bio cultures". Who knew healthy cola existed?

rude health organic hazelnut and cacao drink

Rude Health have expanded their dairy free mylk range with Organic Hazelnut and Cacao Drink (I wonder if it tastes like Nutella?)...

rude health organic peanut drink

Plus Organic Peanut Drink...

rude health peanut drink

And Organic Tiger Nut Drink. Tiger Nuts aren't actually a nut but a small tuber, which is also a superfood, so if you are allergic to nuts you'll be safe drinking this - hurrah! Spotted in Sainsbury's and also available at Waitrose.

lucy bee organic coconut milk

Lucy Bee, makers of a variety of coconut products have branched out into Coconut Milk, that is organic, unsweetened and uses only a touch of xanthan gum as a thickener. It promises to be one of the most natural coconut milks around. Available at Asda.

asda free from llama biscuit kit

Asda are also doing some new Gluten Free products in their Free From range, including this fun Llama Biscuit Kit...

asda free from chocolate cookie sandwich kit

Plus a Chocolate Cookie Sandwich Kit, complete with sprinkles that is also Dairy Free...

asda free from unicorn cupcakes

And themed on the trend of the year - Unicorns! In Cupcake form!

asda free from red velvet cupcakes

Plus Red Velvet Cupcakes...

asda free from cheeky monkey cupcakes

As well as Cheeky Monkey Cupcakes. Now these look fun!

schar gluten free tempties

Asda are also selling some new Schar Gluten Free products, such as these "Tempties", which I believe are coated brownies with hazelnut pieces...

schar gluten free melts

Plus Gluten Free Melts, which look suspiciously like a gluten free Kinder Bueno!

schar gluten free mini dippers

As well as pots of Schar Mini Dippers with a chocolate sauce, that I believe may also be vegan friendly.

asda extra special dark chocolate mint indulgence

Asda have launched some new varieties in their Extra Special Chocolate range, including the vegan suitable Mint Indulgence Dark Chocolate...

asda extra special dark chocolate raspberry indulgence

Plus Extra Special Raspberry Indulgence Dark Chocolate...

asda extra special orange indulgence dark chocolate

And even an Orange Indulgence variety. Yum!

asda free from pesto

Asda are also doing some Vegan Pesto's that are egg free, dairy free, gluten free etc.

katjes enchanted world vegetarian jellies

Also at Asda are these Katjes Gelatin Free Vegetarian "Enchanted World" Jellies, that feature...unicorns, of course!

ape snacks thai chilli coconut puffs

Ape Snacks have launched yet more new products (check out my review of the Vegan Cheese Coconut Puffs). Also available in Original Salted and Thai Chilli flavours - available at WH Smith, Sainsbury's and

taking the pea vegan snacks

WH Smith have also started stocking these "Taking The Pea" vegan snacks,  using peas as the main ingredient in a variety of flavours.

seed and bean vegan chocolate

They're also doing some new Dairy Free and Vegan suitable chocolates, and now stock the Seed & Bean range, with flavours like Espresso, Cornish Sea Salt & Lime, Lemon & Cardamom...

Red sugar free chocolates

Plus these new sugar free "Red" chocolates, in various flavours such as Almond and Orange, Dark etc. They contain upto 40%-45% less calories than regular dark chocolate.

madecasse toasted coconut dark chocolate

There's also Madecasse Chocolates, made with Heirloom cocoa and available in a range of flavours such as Toasted Coconut, Sea Salt & Nibs plus Honey Crystal.

Ombar raw coco mylk

They're also selling Ombar in a variety of flavours from Coco Mylk, Coco Almond, Vanilla and CoconutRaspberry Coconut Centres.

loveraw cacao maca bars

Plus they're doing Love Raw Organic snack bars, in Coconut and Almond and Cacao and Maca.

Naive dark chocolate spices

Not in WH Smith, but the above bar made by Chocolate Naive is available from Fenwicks. They make several dairy free chocolates in unique flavours, such as Incan Berry, Liquorice and Spices.

willies cacao 100% pistachio and date

Last but not least, Willie's Cacao have launched a new bar in their No Added Sugar 100% Cacao range, containing Pistachios and Dates. I'd be very interested in trying this one - I bet the dates give the 100% chocolate some much needed sweetness!

Well, that's all for this first edition of Free From Spotted In Shops - it's certainly made a change featuring only Free From products! If you'd like to see more of these posts do let me know in the comments, and if you spot any new Free From foods please give me a heads up either on the Blog or my Twitter & Instagram accounts! Thanks for reading and have a great week :)


  1. Wow what a lot of new finds. Hadn't seen a few of these. The schar tempties are GF forero Rocha style chocs! That fake fresh mince is a bit creepy though.

  2. Gluten free Kinder Buenos type bars? What wonderful news!! :^)


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