Madécasse Toasted Coconut Dark Chocolate Review

Madecasse toasted coconut dark chocolate

Some time back I was sent some Masecasse chocolates to review, and must admit I've never really heard of the brand before. It seems they're new to the UK, and their chocolates are "proudly made in Africa" with fair trade cocoa. I tried the Milk Chocolate variety recently and enjoyed it, but how does this one compare?

This contains 70% dark chocolate with bits of toasted coconut, and is suitable for vegans. The coconut is sprinkled in small pools on the underside of the bar and incorporated into the chocolate.

Made asset toasted coconut dark chocolate

The chocolate had a lovely flavour profile - rich, woody, almost fruity, the sort of thing you expect from fine cocoa. I was surprised at how flavoursome it was for a 70% chocolate - usually you get flavours like this from 80% or higher. The toasted coconut added a subtle, but welcoming toasty sweetness to the bar, but it didn't detract from the rich cocoa flavours at all. And thankfully it didn't leave annoying bits of coconut in my mouth afterwards. This is a bar to savour in small portions with a cup of coffee, or even chocolate!

Overall, this is a lovely bar of chocolate from Madecasse and exceptional quality, but maybe one for those who prefer the richer chocolates out there than the sweeter ones! Highly recommended.

8.5 out of 10.


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