Fini My Octopi Gluten Free Sweets

Fini My Octopi Gluten Free

There's a lot of companies making gluten free goodies nowadays, from the likes of Gullon and Fox's, but I've never tried Fini before. They're an Italian company available in some discount stores like Poundland and Bargain Buys, as well as discount sections in larger Tesco stores. I always assumed most jelly sweets were gluten free, but some can contain glucose syrup derived from wheat, so if you're very sensitive you may have problems with it. Personally, I've noticed I do indeed have issues with glucose syrup in some sweets, so it's reassuring to know there's specialist gluten free sweets out there.

Fini My Octopi Gluten Free

These My Octopi sweets from Fini struck me because they're quite unique and fun for jelly sweets...I've never seen sweets in these fun octopus shapes before!

Fini My Octopi Gluten Free

For Octopi they're pretty cute, don't ya think?!

How did they taste? Well, very nice as it happens, the quality is on par with Haribo and they were super fruity, chewy and with some good range of flavours. It was fun picking apart the little legs as I ate them (sorry!).

Overall, for sweets that are gluten free these are perfect: fun, tasty, chewy and just as good as the leading brand. If you are super sensitive to gluten keep your peepers open for these in discount stores like Poundland!

8.5 out of 10. 


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