Cadbury Dairy Milk Tiffin New Size Bar

Cadbury Dairy Milk Tiffin New Size Bar

It's taken them a while, but Mondelez have finally graced the UK market with Dairy Milk Tiffin after a long absence. It was brought back as a limited edition last Summer in small tablets, but now due to popular demand has been permanently brought out in a larger 200g sharing block.

Cadbury offered me a bar to review, which although I couldn't eat myself due to gluten, I did share amongst friends to ask their thoughts.

Tiffin is of course the classic combination of shortcake biscuits and raisins combined with Dairy Milk, first launched in 1937, discontinued in 1972, brought back in 1985, and withdrawn again in 2003. Phew, this bar has had a lot of ups and downs!

I've previously reviewed the Irish Dairy Milk Tiffin bar, available in some UK supermarkets in a small size, and found it to be very tasty owing to the use of the traditional Dairy Milk in the recipe. Unfortunately, the UK version seems to use a different one knows why, but it seems they use differently sourced milk vs the Irish version.

According to my friends who tried it, it still tastes pretty darn good though, with the biscuit and raisin combination making for an addictive and tasty treat. And thanks to the larger size it's perfect for sharing with friends or saving to eat over a few days. Good with a cuppa!

Overall, there's not much to say other than hurrah, Cadbury have listened to what consumers want and brought a classic nostalgic bar back to the shelves!

On a related note - let's just see how the latest Mondelez ploy to mess with Green & Blacks bars - by bringing out new flavours and removing the Organic tag - plays out. This is not good Karma, Mondelez! 


  1. The recipe change is probably due to Kraft's takeover and increasing their profits, much to the consumers detriment.

    1. Strange how the Irish version still tastes the same though.


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