NuttVia Hazelnut Chocolate Spread Review

NuttVia Hazelnut Chocolate Spread sugar free

Today's review is the second time I've reviewed a sugar free chocolate spread made with sweeteners. The last time I suffered the all too familiar "unintended side effects", which scared me enough this time...why did I take this task on? The things I do for snacks research!

This spread contains 97% less sugar than standard chocolate spreads on the market, and is also palm oil free. In comparison, palm oil is the first ingredient in the leading brand Nutella. It's sweetened with a mixture of erythritol, maltitiol, stevia and maltodextrin. It also contains whey powder so unfortunately isn't suitable for vegans or those with dairy allergies.

NuttVia Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

The promise of a sugar free hazelnut spread made with sweeteners had me cautiously excited, because while I'm trying to reduce my sugar intake I don't enjoy being on the toilet all night! Eventually I faced my fears and tucked in with a spoon.

The spread is very lovely; rich, nutty and creamy and despite being sugar free it's still sweet enough. In fact I couldn't tell that it was sugar free at all...there was hardly any difference from this to regular chocolate spread, apart from the fact it tasted a bit less sickly.

NuttVia Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

Overall, this is a great product from NuttVia, definitely worth a try if you need to avoid sugar, and in fact it's just as good as Nutella in my opinion. The balance of sweet, nutty, creamy and rich is all spot on.

For more info check out the NuttVia website:
Available from and Amazon.

9 out of 10. 

Ingredients: Sweeteners (maltitol, erythritol, steviol glycosides), vegetable oil (sunflower, coconut), maltodextrin, hazelnuts 10%, fat reduced cocoa powder 7.4%, cocoa butter, emulsifier (sunflower lecithins), sweet whey powder (milk). 

Nutrition Information (per 1 tbsp): 70 Calories, 4.8g Fat, 8.2g Carbohydrates, 0.3g Sugars, 0.5g Fibre, 0.5g Protein. 


  1. Hi Kev this sounds good! Just wanted to say I have been reading your blog for ages and I like you I have been cutting down on sugar recently. Please keep the low/no sugar and healthy reviews coming! �� Katherine

  2. As I'm currently on a Keto diet I tend to make my own home-made sugar-free Keto Nutella but it takes a while to make and I always worry my food processor might break grinding the hazelnuts into a butter so I'd be interested in a product like this every now and then to make it easier to have a sweet tasting snack. But looking at the ingredients list I'm put off by the inclusion of Maltodextrin and Maltitol which I hate as they spike my blood sugar and upsets my stomach. They should of used Sucralose or Monk Fruit as alternative sweeteners which would of improved the health value of his product dramatically as they have a really low impact on your blood insulin levels spiking.

    Even though they list two good sweeteners Erythritol and Stevia as two of the three main sweeteners I'd imagine there's a small amount compared to the bulking amount of the awful Maltitol that's probably in the jar.

    1. Yes maltitol really bad stuff :( I agree Monkfruit would be better, only trouble is most sweeteners are hard to use as bulking agents I suppose.


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