Green & Blacks Velvet Edition Orange & Almond Dark Chocolate

Green & Blacks Velvet Edition Orange & Almond Dark Chocolate

I've been skeptical of this new "Velvet Edition" range from Green & Blacks since it suddenly started popping up on shelves over the last month or so. It seems to be a ploy to move away from the Organic ethics of regular Green & Blacks bars, since these are not organic or fairtrade certified. Instead they are part of the "Cocoa Life" program, that supposedly invests in sustainable farming and improves the lives of communities. Exactly how much they pledge towards such projects is anyone's guess.

Velvet Edition chocolate is supposedly crafted by "Taste Specialists" using the delictate character and soft texture of the finest Ghanian cocoa balanced with sweet Madagascan vanilla. It has "a rich cocoa content yet exceptionally smooth flavour".

This variety is combined with Sicilian blood orange oil and chopped caramelised almonds. It contains no soy lecithin, which is a plus for those with soy allergies. I found it in Waitrose on an introductory offer of £1.79.

Green & Blacks Velvet Edition Orange & Almond Dark Chocolate

The bar comes in a different block shape to regular Green & Blacks bars, and is actually a bit easier to split apart. One of the pieces is longer than the others. The chocolate smelled nice enough, although without that distinctive earthiness that regular G&B chocolate is well known for.

Green & Blacks Velvet Edition Orange & Almond Dark Chocolate

It tasted pleasant, the blood orange wasn't as strong as I was expecting, whilst the chopped almonds were most prominent. The chocolate is definitely smooth compared to some 70% cocoa bars, but I wouldn't say that's a good thing as it seemed to lack any real distinctive flavour. It was a bit non descript to be honest. The almonds brought a nice savoury flavour, blended with the orange, although something about it didn't taste quite right. It was neither orangey enough or nutty enough, certainly not as good as the similar Lindt Orange and Almond bar.

Overall, as my first introduction to G&B's Velvet Edition range I can't say I'm too impressed with this bar. It was okay but a bit middle of the road for something billing itself as oh-so-fancy.

Nutrition Information (per 18g row): 8.7g Fat, 5.9g Carbohydrates, 4.9g Sugars, 1.7g Fibre, 1.2g Protein.

6 out of 10. 


  1. I've avoided it too as I really love chocolate (WHC get's my top spot for supermarket buys) and I first read of this billed as "for people who don't like dark chocolate". Having read a number of accounts now of the chocolate lacking in any character or depth, I'm staying clear. Don't see the need for it really. Those who don't like dark chocolate (insert scathing look of disdain here) have plenty of options anyway without cheapening the dark options. Which may of course be another underlying factor...this is now Mondelez after all.

  2. Just tried their raspberry and hazelnut and came to the same conclusion. This range seems to exist soley to compete with lindt on the supermarket shelves. Created by a marketing department rather than chocolate lovers.


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