Marks & Spencer Belgian Milk Chocolate Wafer Bites

Marks & Spencer Belgian Milk Chocolate Wafer Bites

Today's review is another new snack I was sent as part of some samples from Marks and Spencer Food PR recently - a big thanks to them for all the treats, do stay tuned for more!

These Belgian Milk Chocolate Wafer bites are new in their confectionery range and available in stores now. They're a bit like the Kitkat Pop Choc that are available in other countries and sometimes in the U.K.

Marks & Spencer Belgian Milk Chocolate Wafer Bites

The difference between these and Kitkat Pop Choc is of course that the chocolate is better quality - in true M&S fashion it's not just any chocolate, but Belgian milk chocolate! This is coated in a shellac glaze to make it all shiny.

Marks & Spencer Belgian Milk Chocolate Wafer Bites

They look somewhat like Maltesers, with perhaps a less sweeter and better quality chocolate aroma.

I passed them on to a friend at this point for the taste test (since I can't do gluten), and the feedback was that they're very tasty with a nice malty flavour whilst the chocolate is creamy and good quality. The wafer is similar to Kitkat but perhaps less crunchy. Very addictive, and easy to munch through the bag in one sitting.

Overall then, these Wafer Bites get a big thumbs up. If you're a fan of the Kitkat Pop Choc and crave some chocolate that is better quality than Nestle's offering, these might just be for you!

8.5 out of 10.


  1. i'm surprised they would use shellac and cut out all the veggies from eating their choc! these sound nice, prob a good idea i hardly ever go to m&S lol

    1. Shellac is vegetarian but not vegan, unlike cochineal, as its the secretion of a bug, rather than the actual bug.....

    2. The manufacturers of shellac scrape the secretion of the lac bug off the branches of certain types of tree, so the actual bug isn't part of shellac, so its vegetarian but not vegan. Its a bit like milk or eggs.

    3. hmm ive had a couple of veggie friends not want to eat confectionary with shellac in and had rather it hadnt been labelled veggie - personal taste i guess


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