Protein Works Salted Caramel Cookie/Choc Brownie Peanut Butter

Protein Works Salted Caramel Cookie Peanut Butter

A while back I reviewed The Protein Works Salted Caramel Protein Cookies and Crunky Bars, and since then they've been busy and developed a Salted Caramel Cookie Peanut Butter, which they kindly sent me to review. As well as that there's also a Deep Choc Dive Brownie variety. They are of course high in protein and perfect for any pre or post workout boost, combining indulgence with #macros! Suitable for vegetarians, but not vegans. Both are available from

Starting with the Salted Caramel Cookie variety, this is described as "The finest roasted peanuts, luxurious caramel, cheeky cookie pieces and that TPW magic". It's free from palm oil and high in monounsaturated fats.

Protein Works Salted Caramel Cookie peanut butter

Opening the lid, it has a nice strong peanutty aroma and smelled unmistakably moreish. I gave it a stir and wasn't sure where the cookie pieces were...turns out they were hiding! (I think some had sunk towards the bottom of the tub a little).

Protein Works Salted Caramel Cookie peanut butter

The taste is of course, strongly of peanuts, but amongst that flavour is a salted caramel that's buttery and with a nice hint of guerande salt. It's super moreish! The cookie pieces are malty and add some texture. It's definitely a good combination, almost feeling a bit too much all at once. The cookie bits aren't super crispy of course due to the moisture from the nuts, which is to be expected. You could probably crush some of your own and add them to this if you want a super crunchy cookie experience. But as it is, this combo works well and is a lot more indulgent than your average peanut butter.

8.5 out of 10.

the protein works brownie peanut butter

Described as "The finest roasted peanuts, premium dark chocolate, delicious brownie pieces and that TPW magic" this is of course a more chocolaty peanut butter, containing 20% dark chocolate as well as 3.5% brownie pieces.

Again it's very peanutty on first taste but there's the richer dark chocolate mingled with it. It's very nice and makes a change - sweet and savoury is always a delicious combo together! The brownie pieces are nestled in there, again at first they weren't clearly visible like the cookie version but had sunk a little to the bottom. They worked a bit better than the cookies, since you expect brownie to be softer in texture anyway. There's also a touch of himalayan crystal salt which further enhances the taste.

8.5 out of 10.

Overall then, these are another two fantastic products from The Protein Works, it's hard to choose the "best" as both are very indulgent. If you're bored of regular peanut butter and feel like something that's a bit more of a treat then these are for you! (and doesn't everyone need some indulgence after slogging it out at the gym? haha!)

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