Nim’s Watermelon Fruit Crisps Review

Nims watermelon fruit crisps

When I heard about these new Watermelon Fruit Crisps on Instagram recently I knew they were something I had to try. One because I love melon - it may be my favourite fruit - and two because, they’re crisps! Now I’ve tried Nim’s Fruit Crisps before and wasn’t so keen on the pear ones, however other varieties I’ve tried since have been more to my taste. So I was optimistic these might be in the latter category. Like all of Nim’s range they’re gluten free and vegan, with no added sugar and these ones are air dried with no oil or flavourings added. They’re just pure air dried watermelon! I found them in Tesco for £1, near the fruit & veg aisle, and there’s 64 calories and 0g fat per bag if that sort of thing matters to you.

Nims watermelon fruit crisps

Opening the bag, they looked like...well, dried watermelon! There’s even some little seeds in there!

Nims watermelon fruit crisps

Since I love watermelon I was maybe more excited to try these than I should have been. But after trekking around Tesco I really needed a sweet little snack and these fit the bill nicely...they’re pleasantly sweet (in a natural way) and just crunchy enough to feel like “crisps”. There’s the watermelon flavour everyone knows and it’s perhaps more concentrated and sweet in this form. My main issue was that I feel there could have been more of them and also I wasn’t keen on the melon skin still being on them? I’m sure it’s perfectly edible and probably very healthy, it’s just not something I’d usually eat on a melon. It’s quite flavourless in my opinion. 

Overall though, these are a pretty decent snack and although they won’t be replacing fresh melon for me anytime soon, they’re a nice addition to add to the list if you want a healthier snacking option. Bravo to Nim’s for giving more options for people wanting something healthy yet still “snacky”!

*Made in a dedicated gluten free, dairy free and nut free factory. Halal & Vegan certified.

*Nutrition per 22g bag: 64 calories, 0g fat, 14g carbohydrates, 10g sugars, 4g fibre, 3g protein, 2mg vitamin C  


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