Radioactive Sours White Chocolate

Many thanks to Treat Kitchen for sending me some bars of their new “Radioactive Sours” White chocolates to review recently. They are known for their sour sweets but have now created the worlds first sour chocolate, which is laced with malic acid and contains popping candy, and they’re super sour indeed! They come in 4 flavours; Blue Raspberry and Lemon (today’s review) as well as Strawberry and Apple. 

So as you can see they’re both very brightly coloured! Which is a little off putting to be honest, but at the same time I guess half the fun of products like this is the bright colours. They have strong fruity sweet and sour aromas.

The lemon flavour was my favourite - the white chocolate is super sweet, not high end stuff but it’s decent, with the lemon flavour tasting somewhat like sherbet lemons in chocolate form. It’s very sour, a bit artificial, with the popping candy giving a gentle crackling sensation. And it’s quite fun to be honest! 

Now blue raspberry is a flavour that works well in sweets and drinks because it’s artificial and that’s kind of what you expect  (like the Tango Blue Balls I once reviewed), but mixed with white chocolate it’s just a bit overkill. It’s too sickly and doesn’t really work. Still, I guess the colour is fun and it’s a nice novelty.

Overall then, these chocolates are a mixed bag, but they’re a lot of fun and if you like white chocolate, sour sweets and novelty in general these might be for you. I’ve been told they’re available from Kingdom of Sweets currently but I’m not sure where else will be stocking them. Stay tuned on my Instagram page for updates!


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