Halo Top Peanut Butter Sticks Review

Many thanks to Halo Top for sending me some of their new ice cream sticks to review. They have recently launched into Tesco and seem to be very popular indeed. I've reviewed their Salted Caramel Non Dairy tub previously, and really enjoyed it so was curious how the dairy version of the stick lollies would taste. These contain 100 calories per stick and are a source of protein.

The peanut butter sauce is swirled into the lollies, creating a nice effect and they certainly look the part! The ice cream is peanut butter flavoured.

They taste superb! The ice cream itself is quite light which is to be expected since it's lower calorie, but the  sauce elevates it with a lovely salty peanut butter flavour. It blends perfectly with the ice cream and makes for a very moreish snack. Now, I’m not really into calorie counting personally so...I went ahead and ate another stick right after! If you have more willpower than me though, I imagine these are a great little dessert for when you’re slimming. And compared to the tub versions they’re probably handy as the calorie content is already set. My only gripe is the price - £5 for a box of 3?! Luckily these are usually on a special offer like most other luxury ice creams but still, that’s taking the piss just a bit!


  1. They look yummy but like you say, £5 for calorie reduced ice-cream?! No thanks. I can get a box of 4 Magnums for £1.50ish when on offer.

  2. Yep, i'll add my voice to the chorus of a fiver for 3 ice creams in a box is taking the mick.


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