Haribo USA Gummi Berries and Frogs Review

As I wrote about in my review of A Taste Of The States, they’ve been sending me a selection of snacks each month, which I get to choose with a budget based on referrals. A big thankyou to everyone who used my code KEV20! You can still use it for 20% off all orders from

Some snacks from my most recent order were these Haribo Berries and Frogs which are made by the US arm of Haribo. I really enjoyed their Fruit Salad sweets so was excited to try more varieties.

These are blackberry and raspberry flavoured and have bobbly sugar pieces over a jelly centre.

They’re super duper sweet, but pretty tasty and unique. I loved the contrast between the crunchy outer layer and the gummy inner layer. I couldn’t  eat too many due to the sweetness but they’re certainly a lot of fun!

The Frogs consist of a white foam layer on the bottom and green apple flavoured gummy on top. I ordered these as they reminded me of the frog sweets I used to get in tuck shop bags as a kid!

They’re quite chewy and have a nice apple flavour. Perhaps a little boring though - would be nice to have more of a mix of flavours although I guess that might go against the “green” theme.

Overall then, the Berries get a thumbs up from me and the Frogs are just ok. I’m really enjoying trying all these various US Haribo varieties...they’ve all been a lot more interesting than UK versions.

If any of these take your fancy, you can order them from  https://atasteofthestates.com/ using code KEV20 for 20% off. They’ve had some great stock in recently, such as the new Hazelnut aka Nutella M&M’s!


  1. omg omg omg! Those berries were my absolute FAVOURITE as a child! I haven't seen them in 20 years and had no idea they were Haribo (I used to buy them as loose penny sweets!). Oh wow

    1. I think I remember them too! Wish they'd bring them out properly in the UK!


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