Cadbury Caramel Twirl Limited Edition (Australia)

Cadbury Twirl caramel

A big thankyou to Panda333 for kindly sending me some Australian treats over to the UK to try a while back - there were some great gems in there, including the Tropical M&M's I've previously reviewed, and another one I was very excited to try - Cadbury Twirl Caramel flavour!

This was a limited edition in Australia, I believe, and consists of the classic Cadbury Twirl flaky chocolate but with a caramel flavour twist. 

Cadbury twirl caramel

Opening the wrapper it certainly had a caramel aroma and a whiff of the distinctive Cadbury chocolate we are all familiar with. 

It tastes...nice, but not quite as amazing as I had built up in my mind. The chocolate actually tastes slightly different to UK Cadbury chocolate, it's perhaps a tad creamier. The caramel flavour is there and it adds a nice twist but it's not quite as strong or realistic tasting as I'd hoped. The ingredients list has "flavourings" on it, so there you go. If they'd have used caramelised chocolate or sugar in it this might have tasted better, or even their legendary sounding Caramilk blonde chocolate! (drooling at the thought of that!) Still, it's great to try a Cadbury Twirl with a different flavour. Thankyou Panda for getting this for me - muchos appreciated! 

Would you like to see new Twirl flavours in the UK? If so let me know in the comments! 

As an aside...apparently Australia also used to get a Mint Twirl! 


  1. It would be far more awesome with real caramel in the middle of it.

  2. oooh mint would be amazing. they say they add things to OZ choc to shop it melting so maybe that made it creamier - not sure what it is though!

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