M&M's Chocolate Mini Eggs Review

M&M's Mini Eggs

Easter is a while off yet, but you wouldn't think it to look in most supermarkets. I've lost count of how many times I've heard people say "Easter stuff already?!!" in the Tesco Seasonal aisle! If only they knew that a lot of it was already out even before Christmas...

One of the newbies I did pick up before Christmas were these M&M's Mini Eggs, a new addition to the Mini Eggs world, king of which is of course Cadbury Mini Eggs, followed by Orange Smarties and Milkybar Mini Eggs (in my opinion anyway). How would these compare to the greats?

M&M's Mini Eggs

You can find these for around £1 in most stores, and there's larger "egg hunt" bags of them in Tesco for £3.50, plus small packets, and there's even a version with a hollow egg. Opening the bag they certainly looked the part - the shells have a nice pastel colour and actually looked better than Cadbury Mini Eggs.

M&M's Mini Eggs

Sadly they're a bit disappointing. The chocolate tastes pretty non-descript, a little cheap in fact and kind of highlights how unremarkable the chocolate is in regular Chocolate M&M's. There's no creaminess like there is in Cadbury Mini Eggs. I've heard some describe them as "calendar chocolate" in fact, and honestly, that's not too far off how they taste. 

I believe these have just been brought out to capitalise on the M&M's brand name but sadly, they don't offer anything worthwhile. I would save your money and go for the traditional Cadbury Mini Eggs or maybe even Milkybar or Smarties Mini Eggs instead. Galaxy Golden Eggs are also another good one! 

5 out of 10. 


  1. 1) Cadbury Mini Eggs
    2) Galaxy Golden Eggs*
    3) Milkybar Eggs
    4) A massive gap
    5) Every other mini egg.

    * not included Cadbury Daim eggs as they're bigger, otherwise they'd slot in here!

    1. Good list! :D Now if only Nestle would make Caramac mini eggs, or some company would make Blonde chocolate mini eggs...


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