Divine Lemon & Juniper Dark Chocolate Limited Edition

Divine Lemon & Juniper Dark Chocolate Limited Edition

Gin flavouring is most certainly on trend at the moment, and like unicorns and salted caramel is infiltering all manner of snack products. I was pleasantly surprised to see a bar of Morrisons Lemon & Juniper Gin Chocolate last year, and now Divine have brought out a similar variety, which is Limited Edition, Organic, Vegan, Fairtrade and available from the likes of Oxfam stores and online. I really do love the Divine brand as they are yet another company at the forefront of ethically produced chocolate, and this is something we need more of!

Divine Lemon & Juniper Dark Chocolate Limited Edition

The cocoa beans used in this bar are sourced from family farmers in Ghana, and the bar contains zero palm oil or soya and is certified by the Vegan Society. The ingredients contain lemon oil and juniper berry oil to give it the "gin" like flavour without actual alcohol. 

Divine Lemon & Juniper Dark Chocolate Limited Edition

Like most 70% Dark Chocolate it has a rich fruity aroma so you know it's good quality right away (cheaper brands tend to just smell bitter). Taking a bite, it tastes like you'd expect from such chocolate; rich and fruity, and surprisingly smooth, with the lemon and juniper giving it a refreshing edge that enhances the flavour. It's subtle and it works, unlike the similar Morrisons bar this one just tastes of good quality chocolate that's been enhanced further. I've said this before but I'm not a gin lover so I can't say how it "should" taste, but taken in its own right this is a refreshing dark chocolate. 

Overall then, another good bar from Divine that supports ethical cocoa, and another variety for vegans or anyone dairy intolerant. Thanks to Divine for sending me this!

8 out of 10.

For more info and to buy Divine bars check out their site here - this bar costs £2.39:


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