Charlene's Chocolate Factory Caramel Salt Smoke & Milk Orange Bars

Charlene's Chocolate Factory Caramel Smoke Sea Salt

You may all remember the Charlene's Chocolate Factory's Bubblegum Blonde bar I reviewed last year, a very unique and BLUE bar of chocolate - these guys certainly don't do things by halves! So I was super excited when they reached out again to offer me to review more bars from the range, including the Caramel Salt & Smoke Bar, aka one of the tastiest bars around! 

The name Charlene's Chocolate Factory is based on Charlie and The Chocolate Factory as the founders are big fans of the film. To this end they produce a range of unique bars in an array of interesting flavours, like Hazelnut & Pretzel White Chocolate, Rhubarb & Custard White Chocolate (this looks amazing!) and a fun looking Unicorn Bar.

Check them all out here:

Charlene's Chocolate Factory Caramel Smoke Sea Salt

Starting with the Caramel Smoke Sea Salt bar, this is essentially a variation on Blonde Chocolate with smoked sea salt added. And it tastes pretty darn amazing! Think a mixture of Salted Caramel, better quality Caramac and white chocolate. At first the salt hit me, it's potent and surprising but then the caramel and creamy white chocolate flavours come in and combine with it to make a super delicious taste explosion. Oh my god, I am not kidding this bar is amazing! I quickly reached for another piece and savoured every bite...and got so excited that before I knew it the whole bar was gone. Oops! I was pretty sad actually, haha...

Charlene's Chocolate Factory Caramel Smoke Sea Salt

I reviewed Marks and Spencer's Blonde Chocolate last year and whilst that was very tasty, this bar is so much better mainly due to the Salted Caramel taste. If you've tried good quality Blonde Chocolate it's on that level - not cheap or waxy like Caramac. 

Overall then this bar is an absolute 10 out of 10! If you have a sweet tooth, want a special treat for yourself, someones birthday or Christmas...put this at the top of your list, and thank me later!

Charlene's Chocolate Milk Orange

Next up is Milk Orange, an orange flavoured milk chocolate bar. I do like me some chocolate orange and never eat Terry's anymore because it's just too sickly and waxy, so was hopeful and confident this would be a lot better. It has a vibrant sparkly design on one side which really does conjure up images of citrus. 

Charlene's Chocolate Milk Orange

And it tastes lovely - good quality, creamy milk chocolate with zesty orange oil mixed in. It's simple and delicious, pretty much what you'd expect from good orange chocolate, and I'd much rather one of these over a Terry's Chocolate Orange. 8.5 out of 10.

Overall then, a big thankyou to Charlene's Chocolate Factory for these new bars - both delicious, both good quality. Check out their site for lots more interesting flavour combinations, and definitely consider the Caramel bar as a top priority! (it's their number 1 seller and I can see why). All bars are a very affordable £3.50, and shipping is free for orders over £30. 


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