New Mars Milk Snacks Review

Mars Milk Snacks Review

A big thanks to Mars' PR for sending me these new Mars Milk Snacks recently; I was promised a "surprise" new product and that it certainly was! It seems Mars have gone into new product frenzy recently, what with the M&M's Cake Bars I reviewed previously as well as a new Skittles Birthday Cake.

These are a chilled take on the Mars bar, featuring soft sponge cake topped with a malted chocolate mousse, finished with a layer of caramel and fully coated in thick milk chocolate. Each pack contains 6 individually wrapped bars, "the ideal treat for sharing when chilling out with your best mates. So clear some space in your fridge immediately!" These are available from Asda stores now with an RRP of £3.00.

Mars Milk Snacks Review

Opening the box, I was struck by how dinky the bars looked. But sometimes good things come in small packages, as they say!

Mars Milk Snacks Review

The chocolate had the classic creamy Mars chocolate aroma, but with a more malty edge than usual.

Mars Milk Snacks Review

I cut it in half to try and get a peek at the caramel...

Mars Milk Snacks Review

...and ended up making a bit of a mess! Still, it's caramel so there's an easy solution to that.

As usual with cake reviews I passed this on to a friend at this point for the taste test, since I cannot tolerate gluten. His thoughts:

The quality is top notch - creamy chocolate, with the tasty soft caramel you'd expect from a Mars bar. The malted mousse replaces the nougat and makes for a nice change texture-wise, and tastes quite rich. The cake isn't particularly noticeable under all of the other elements but it's a nice base for them. All in all, a pretty tasty cake bar!

Overall then I think it's fair to say these are a definite win, but the small size might be a little off-putting to some people. That said they might be perfect if you're attempting portion control! Find them in the chilled aisle at Asda stores.

8 out of 10. 

Nutrition Information (per 35g bar):
169 Calories, 9.8g Fat, 18.2g Carbohydrates, 16.3g Sugars, 2g Protein.

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